Bucket Vacation List


Every woman inside her has a Disney Princess in her....
You guessed it right...


Ohh my god, it looks so magical I swear. So much fun and all in just one map. This would probably take up 2 days at least to cover. Or maybe 3? I don't know. Can't really decide when is the perfect time to go when the time comes because Christmas just looks too good to even say no. But I guess, there wouldn't be that much of activities.


 Sometimes all you really want is to get away from the tall architectural structures and just be somewhere far far away. Just waking up to the smell of the sea and jumping in literally from your room for a dip. And the water, so clear. Sighhhh heaven.


 Aurora Borealis, or rather known as the Northern Lights. So pretty. I would do anything just to have that one special night doing nothing except getting mesmerized by the lights. So special.

Then one day, God decided to plant tulips all over Holland


Almost all my friends know how much I really want to go to this place. It's perf and I want to get proposed there <3

Here's a video link : 


Such a dream honeymoon vacation. I can't imagine being a resident there. Such different culture and all. It's so romantic and dreamlike. Ahhhh imagine doing a wedding photoshoot there. #moneygone

Someday :)

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  1. the same places i would like to go to :) seeing the sea of stars at vaadhoo island in Maldives would be amazing!