Ceravix Vaccination


I'm sure we are all aware that  Cervical Cancer is the 7th most common female cancer in Singapore. I just had my first dose of vaccination done and am due for a second one coming April. This blog post would be appropriate for young ladies below the age of 25 and would be beneficial if you need a rough idea of what this vaccine is all about.

Cervarix is a vaccine against certain types of cancer-causing human papillomavirus (HPV). HPV can infect many parts of the body. About 30 to 40 HPV sub types can infect the genital area and cause genital warts. If the infection persists, it may cause the cells to grow abnormally and that's where you get cervical cancer in women. 

So who is at risk?

People with multiple sexual partners or someone with a weak immune system. 

HPV is transmitted through genital skin to skin contact (sex) or even sex toys. ha, bet you didn't know that. So if you own sex toys, please disinfect it after using. 

  • Some types of HPV can infect the cervix (the lower part of the womb), causing the cells to change.
  • In about 90% of the infection cases, the virus clears by itself and the cells return to normal.
  • In some cases, the infection can persist and cause the cells to grow in an abnormal way.
  • When this goes undetected by a Pap smear at an early stage, some of these abnormal cells may develop into cervical cancer.
  • Specifically, HPV sub-types 16 & 18 cause about 70% cervical cancer cases, while HPV sub- types 6 & 11 cause about 90% genital warts cases.

Cervarix Vaccination is most effective if it is given before first sexual exposure.After your first dose, you are advised not to have sex or get yourself pregnant . This vaccination is suitable for females aged between 9 to 26 year old. This vaccination does not guranteed 100% that you will not get a cervical cancer but preventing is a better choice.

If you are a Singaporean, Medisave can be used for your vaccination. If im not wrong, it's about $120 per dose. It requires 3 doses. After your first dose, you will be due for a 2nd after a month and your last dose will be 6 months after. The pain was pretty tolerable for me. Just the usual numb muscle feeling.

For booking of appointments, you may call singhealth polyclinic to fix an appointment. :)

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