How to move on in a relationship.


How far do you agree with this?

I would probably say to a certain extent.

For every relationship and breakups we go through, we change. We fall and then we are back on our feet again. A relationship teaches us how to be committed to someone and accepting the person with his/her flaws and being a "team" while a breakup teaches us by showing us the mistakes we made in our past relationship and for us to grow from there.

If I had 4 exes, I am pretty sure that what I see in a relationship changes with every change of a boyfriend. I don't know if it sounds right at all but you probably get my drift.

Your first relationship is your first love. You have no idea what a relationship is all about. You think that it's just about you and me and nothing else. You don't know how to tackle trust in a relationship. You may tend to get over obsessive and possessive of your partner. You argue over silly things. You don't quite see the future yet. What matters is just now. Simply put it as you're too young to understand or know what love is.

The in between relationships. You fall in love, probably you are much older now in terms of love experience and may make wiser choices but do you see a future with this person? If yes, carry on. If no, just end it already. Don't waste so much time. With every breakup, you learn from a flaw and you learn not to repeat that flaw in your next relationship and should that happen again, you would be able to tackle the problem and not make history repeat itself.

But don't treat every relationship as a test trial run or some experiment.

Before you fall in love, you have to know what you are getting yourself into. Whether is it just for lust or love or just a rebound.  Don't just jump into a relationship like that. Do not be desperate. Love will come knocking your way and don't just say yes to every guy who asks you to be in a relationship just because you are feeling lonely.

And if you fall out of love, chin up. There was a reason why it didn't work out between the both of you. Maybe somewhere out there there is someone who becomes the reason why it work out with them instead of your exes.

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