How to reject guys nicely and not so nicely if he still doesn't get you



1) Be straightforward

  Honesty is the best policy and it would hurt his feelings but at least you are not giving him wrong signals and are direct with what you want. If he asks why, be sure to be able to say why and try not to be so harsh even though you have to be firm with your stand.

2) Don't give him false hopes

Never ever give someone false hopes or have them hanging on a thread. It's not nice. If you are not interested in him , don't flirt with him just because you like the attention that the guys around you are giving you so as to feed your own ego. Some guys may be really sweet and do special stuffs for you on a rather normal day. If he buys you stuff, just say no. If he offers to give you a ride home or treat you dinner, kindly decline please. Don't be a golddigger because you never know what sort of guy he might turn into after you have rejected him and who knows, he might just go around telling other people how much of a moneyfaced woman you really are and there goes your reputation and self-respect unless you don't really care about that.

3) Make him see how much you treasure this friendship of his.
Show him why you value this friendship with him so much and how he is more of someone you can talk to easily about anything.

4) Gently decline offers
 which involves just the two of you... Any sort of "dinner" that might be considered as a date.If he really wants to have dinner with you, maybe invite a few of your friends to come for the dinner as well so it would be like as a group outing.

5) Encourage him to pursue other girls
What you can do is to encourage him and you can do that by introducing him to a girl pal of yours.The girl pal that you are going to introduce him to, she has to be nice because he is probably heartbroken with the fact that his feelings for you is just one way.  Talk about her. Talk about why you think that she and him would hit it off better. He would somewhat not want to go for another girl because he wants you.

If he is still goddamn persistent, (ONLY USE IN BITCH MODE AND IF HE DOESNT UNDERSTAND)

6) Tell him that you really DO NOT have feelings for him and that you are seeing somebody else. Just talk about that somebody else to him. He will probably feel superbly annoyed by you and would back off.

7) Be a bitch
Blame him for everything that does not go well. Blame him for giving you all these unnecessary stress because of him pouring his feelings to you. Just be a bitch.Be ungrateful for whatever he has done.

8) Avoid him
Do not even reply his text messages. Even if you do, do it on drunk mode and if he asked what happened, just say that you got drunk and crashed at some random guy friend's of yours place. It will probably turn him off to hear that you are a drunktard

9) Fake a relationship
For this you need a male counterpart who is someone he does not know. Take photos with this guy..couple shots whatever. Pretend to be in a relationship with him.

Ultimately the best recommendation is to just


Just tell him nicely and firmly why it wouldn't work out and how the bond that you have is pretty much a sisterly brotherly bond and that you don't want things to go bad if the relationship just wont work out. If he is a gentleman, he would be able to accept your reason.

Different guys may have reactions towards their love being rejected.

Some may just be fine with it and accept the fact that you just want to be friends and nothing else.

There are also some who might  not take it easy and might distance themselves from you for a while. In this phase, don't rush him or asks him stuffs like "why are you avoiding me?" ..."why have you stopped texting me for a while".

Guys have feelings too even though they might not express it so often. Give him some time for him to get over you.

When you do decide that you and him will never work out and you have rejected him, don't go back to him and tell him that you suddenly think he is the one for you. He is probably scared once by you. Think about it carefully before you reject someone..

Don't just take advantage of a guy just because he treats you like a queen while you see him pretty much like anybody else. Don't waste his time... Don't keep his hopes up and just crush him like a piece of paper. Don't play with his feelings. You wouldn't want that to happen to you.

If he does not want to be friends with you anymore, just respect his decision and refrain from reappearing into his life. He is hurt. Wish him well and mean it. Be nice.

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