I Lights Marina Bay 2014


I lights Marina Bay is a light festival held annually in Singapore . The festival showcases innovative displays which are rather interesting and creative because some of the displays were pretty much made from our everyday materials such as water bottles. I enjoyed myself while walking along the perimeters of Marina Bay with the cooling night breeze.The minus point however would have to be the crowds as it was way too crowded. Best time to go would probably be on a weekday, after work or dinner.

 It feels like I am in some magical wonderland and the people there are stepping on some overgrown solar based glowing mushrooms in the dark.

The exhibits honestly make it really magical. I think that Singapore should have more of such light festivals here. Or maybe Singapore should have a really magical place somewhere with like pretty lightings and decorations.

I like this exhibit. The lights were changing colors. Similar to trees...Summer Spring Autumn Winter.

I don't quite know what it is but I think it is a wishing tree or something. Probably make a wish and then throw it up and see if it gets hooked onto the branches. These "trees" make me think of Pandora, Avatar. Tree of Life. I'm not too sure myself what they call it in Avatar but yeah you'd probably get what I mean.

It's such a challenge to walk in those stilts and maintaining balance in a tsunami of passerbys and still look elegant.

Hurray Singapore.

Ending off my first post with a monotonous photo. Interesting fact : These dandelions were made of cut water bottles. So dreamy indeed. :)

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