Losing your virginity


So you are probably the only Virgin left  in your social circle of friends and everyone is pressuring you to lose it. Is it really worth losing your virginity for peer pressure?

Here are 3 reasons why you should remain a virgin until you are married if you are a girl.

1)  Wouldn't you feel disappointed if you lost your virginity to someone who in the end leaves you ?

2)  Once your hymen is torn, there is no putting it back together. Actually surgically there is...

3)  In this society where the number of people losing virginity is relatively high, you my friend are a unicorn.

The only one thing that you can give to your soulmate/lifepartner/truelove/ that nobody else can ever get is your virginity. It's what makes him special from the other boys that you have dated. For me, I think that virginity is very special because it's a "once in a lifetime and once you lost it that's it" kind of thing for me. It's that special to me and means a lot to me. I would lose it for someone who is worth losing it for. Someone.whom I wouldn't have regrets losing it for. 

Sex is a very special moment. If you go around having sex with everybody else, then what would sex mean to you with your soulmate? It would not mean much to you. You won't find it special anymore, it becomes like a normal thing. It is called love making for a reason.

So if you are reading this and still thinking if you should because of peer pressure, I hope this changes your mind. 

You are the princess, your knight in shining armor is somewhere out there in this world for you. 
Right now in your life, you have other knights but you don't know if they are Princes or just frogs in disguise.
Who will brave the storm and go through whatever obstacles coming you way?

Is he really worth losing your virginity for? 

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