Dear First Heartbreak ;


I was your first and you were mine.
The first who made me have this feeling of excitement whenever I see a person.
The first time I held hands with someone apart from my loved ones.
The first time our lips meet and that hot flush through my cheeks.
The first time I had an argument and felt bitter about it and could not get back to sleep.
The first time I felt of almost losing someone.
The first time we tried to work things out together.
The first time I learnt to put down my ego and apologized.
The first time we made up after an argument
The first time I felt relieved that things are finally fine between us
The first second argument between us
The first time I realised that things were not as what it seems
The first time we felt like giving up.
The first time we fell out of love
The first time we had our hearts broken.

Dear First Heartbreak

Thank you for teaching me what love is all about even though you barely know what love is as well.
Thank you for teaching me the meaning of "trust" when I learnt the feeling of "insecure"
Thank you for showing me how love must never be "selfish" and that if you love somebody you have to let them go.
Thank you for teaching me how sometimes things are never quite what it seems to be.
Thank you for showing me what a heartbreak feels like
Thank you for breaking my heart so that I can grow
Thank you for this strength that enables me to move on easily now from a breakup.
Thank you for being the change in my heart
Thank you for showing me that being in a relationship and in love  is more than just putting in love itself.

Words can barely express how grateful I am for everything.

Yours Truly,

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