Differences between love and infatuation


Infatuation : You are only attracted either by their looks or statuses or wealth or lust
Love         :  It is their souls that keep you attracted.

Infatuation : You fall in love with everything about this person very quickly. Everything is perfect and flawless. 
Love         : You started off not knowing anything about this stranger and you fall in love with his/her flaws or                     his/her strength as time goes by

Infatuation :  You only care about yourself
Love         :  You work together and honestly care about each other

Infatuation : You do things without considering the thoughts of the other person
Love         : Everything you do, you keep him/her deep in your thoughts

Infatuation : You only want what is best for you
Love         : You work on what is best for the both of you

Infatuation : Your feelings start to fade when he/she is no longer able to provide you with things which got                         you attracted to them in the first place.
Love         : Your feelings stay strong and you give them support

Infatuation   : You look for a better opportunity and your feelings die
Love           : You stick with them no matter what 

Infatuation is something that is temporary,

Look for something permanent......

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