Dear Boys


Dear Boys,

There is nothing more which means to us than someone who is willing to love us with all of their hearts sincerely. You buy us flowers, buy us gifts and put in a lot of effort to make us happy on special occasions like Valentine's Day or on our Birthdays or special anniversaries but there is so much more than just that. We love it when you pay full attention to us and gives us support whenever we are facing certain obstacles in our lives. It is just us being women that we tend to always need emotional support. Don't think of us as naggy or always complaining about how things are and just telling us to deal with it. We know we have to deal with it but sometimes it just feels better when we let out our frustrations. A warm hug and hot chocolate would make us feel a lot better.

Please do not compare me to your girl pals or your previous lovers. As girls, it is just in our nature to feel insecure and the last thing we would want is to feel inferior to those girls that you have mentioned. Don't blame us for being insecure and not have any confidence in ourselves if you keep comparing us to them. We are different. Learn to accept us. How would you feel if you were in our shoes? It is not that nice.

We may overreact or get jealous at times...but that is just how we are. We need assurance. Don't blame us for being unreasonable or insecure..because as mentioned earlier, that is just how we are. Prove us, show us that we are the only ones for you in your heart.

We are sorry that we always take a long time to get ready. You might think that we are being too vain or are just really slow...but honestly, we put in effort to get ready for you. We are not doing it for the other guys. We are just doing it for you. We just want to look presentable and nice in the eyes for you. Men are visual creatures. We just want your eyes on us...

Sometimes, we kick up a big fuss when we are PMS-ing. We apologize for being such bitches for that 1 and a half weeks but thank you for enduring it even though it can be very sickening for you.

You may think that we are just taking advantage of you or do not care about your feelings. But the truth is, we do. We know and appreciate all the things that you have done for us

 Thank you for sending us home even though it can be really tiring and very late in the night for you. Thank you for taking the time and effort to plan for special occassions for us. Thank you for giving us random surprises when we are feeling very down such as turning up at our doorsteps with a tub of ben&jerrys.
Thank you for putting up with our insecurities even though it may be a turn off to some if we keep having that same feeling one too many times. Thank you for loving us and for being all that you are.

With Love,
Majority of the Girls out there

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