Chanelle turns 2-3


After 2weeks of studying for my exams, I was finally free.

I went to Batam but I will leave that post for tomorrow.

It has been a while since we had our last movie date.The last movie which we caught together was probably Godzilla. Chris decided to watch big hero 6. To be honest, I had no idea what that movie was all about except that there was this marshmallow white character.

Ticket for 2 and we were off for our movie date.
Baymax is undeniably the most cutest thing ever. We enjoyed the movie very much. Lots of laughter and funny moments. In my opinion, it was a better movie as compared to Frozen. However the ending part... I felt rather sad.


If you have watched the movie, you would know that in the end, Baymax sacrificed himself by launching the last rocket to boost Hiro and the spaceship. And like after a few months/years, Hiro made Baymax again.
I just feel that you know even though, Baymax is rebuilt...he isn't the same one that was left in the unknown space. You can replace something, but it would never be the same.

After the movie, we then decided to head over to Millenia Walk to have dinner at Fika,a halal swedish bistro.

 It was our first time trying out the food there. It was probably a wrong decision on the foods that we have selected. The boyfriend did not really enjoyed them as he does not eat raw. Half the food was raw, while the other half was cooked. We also had a swedish dessert. It was basically vanilla ice cream in freshmilk with raspberry sauce.

Despite that I might actual consider coming back to try the other dishes

So after dinner, the boyfriend surprised me with my 2 weeks belated birthday gift.

We then walked around for a bit. Taking photos and all. Enjoying the cooling night breeze. It was the night run so we both were started talking about how fun being in school was as compared to working life.

Obviously the night sky in Singapore is never like this. But imagine if it was....

Some rainbow butterfly exhibition going on at the Esplanade.

Nonetheless, it was a fun date with the boyfriend and I appreciate all the effort he has put in for this day. Thank you <3 :)

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