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A week ago or two, I received a text from Blackbox if I would like to try out Rachel K's cosmetics. I was more than happy to try out as I have read pretty good reviews about the products themselves and would love to try it!

In case you are not familiar with who or what that is, Rachel K's Cosmetics is a cosmetic line by Rachel Kum, who was our Miss Singapore Universe 2009. Rachel K's Cosmetics is most known for its CC Cream or also known as the Color Control Cream. The CC Cream is definitely a favourite and the most preferred cream by beauty queens everywhere!

I was so excited as soon as I opened the black box. I mean look at all of these goodies! :O

You may get the exclusive The  Rachel K Box (WORTH MORE THAN $75) over at

For a price of ONLY $49.90, you will receive 
1. Rachel K CC Renew Pressed Powder - Light/Medium [Full Size]
2. Rachel K Supreme Whitening Lotion [Full Size]
and complimentary 
1. Rachel K Stem Cell Cleansing Gel [ 1.5g x 3 sachets]
2. Rachel K Youth Spell Day Cream [1.5g x 2 sachets]

And if you quote " BBXCHANELLE10 " , you get to have 10% off for any exclusive box!

 I have selected Light for my skin tone for the CC Renewed pressed powder and I absolutely adore the packaging. It looks really elegant. The cushion that came with it is very soft and the the thing I like about this is the transparent seperator that seperates the powder from the cushion. Talk about cleanliness and hygiene right?!

So basically this is how I look like without any makeup or concealer on my face except for my eyebrows,contact lenses and lip tint. I have severe eyebags, unsightly pores and uneven skin tone. I am of oily+dry mixed combination skin. I tend to get oily really quickly especially since we are now approaching to even more sunny and humid weather here in Singapore. I am not a fan of foundations, I just find that they are too heavy or "gao"  for me. 

As I was applying the product on my face, I felt that the product went smoothly onto the skin. I only applied once and I felt that my skin was more matte and lighter.The product itself feels pretty light on the skin however, if you want even more coverage, it is best if you apply the CC Renew Cream first. 

Comparison : 

                                                      (Before)                            (After)

As you can tell, my forehead on "before" was disgustingly shiny that if someone went up to me...they would totally just rub my forehead and sing "SHINE BRIGHT LIKE A DIAMOND". Eyebags are pretty obvious.

After application of the Rachel K CC Pressed powder, you can see that my forehead is not as shiny. My eyebags are less visible and my pores are not that obvious anymore. I love how I look matte and fresh. I just went to put on my usual eyeliner and I'm pretty much ready to go!

And this is how I look like after I have applied on my whole face. I am definitely digging this product as I love how I look matte and how my skin looks very even now. No more disgusting patches of uneven skin tone. All gone with just this amazing CC Renewed Pressed Powder by Rachel K.

So after putting on makeup and after a long day of wearing makeup, you go home and you just want to remove them right? I tried to use the Rachel K Stem Cell Cleansing Gel . 

This is how the full sized bottle looks like. I love how the product makes my skin feels so squeaky clean after a whole day of makeup. I feel like my skin could finally breathe! (^____________^)
I always feel guilty and fear that I might have breakouts as I am always in makeup but after this face wash, I feel so much more relieved.

After cleansing, here comes toning with the Rachel K Supreme Whitening Lotion.

This toner works wonders as it turns dull complexion into brighter ones with the use of natural ingredients! YAY! Say goodbye to dark pigmentation as they will be reduced and just be gone for good! The Rachel K Supreme whitening lotion also contains aloe vera which also cleanses and refines your skin to leave it pore-less and beautifully radiant!

All you have to do is simply apply it with your palm or cotton pad right after you have cleanse your face!

 Lastly,  Rachel K Youth Spell Day Cream

This daycream balances the secretion of sebum in both dry and oily skin, ensuring that your pores never get clogged. It is "formulated with Matrixyl™ 3000 to prevent wrinkles and a unique mixture of Bamboo-silk and Rice-silk which work together to mattify skin by absorbing sebum, you’re left with instantly quenched, soft, elastic and gorgeously hydrated silky-smooth " as quoted by Rachel K Cosmetics. This day cream definitely sounds like a day dream. 

I hope this post has been useful for those who would love to try Rachel K Cosmetics but needed more reviews before getting it. Remember that you can always purchase the exclusive box over at blackbox! Thank you once again for reading ! <3 <3



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