Just a rant, do forgive me.


Pardon me for the lack of updates lately as I have been rather busy and occupied with work and getting ready for the second semester. Honestly, I haven't been as motivated as before when it comes to school but I guess when people piss you off, you just want to get better.

It pisses me off a lot when I am around self-centered people. I just don't get why some people are just so selfish and all. However when I talk about it to my friends, everyone just replies me "Yes everywhere you go...you will see such people". Sigh, then the world is an ugly place to be in, I thought to myself. Or rather, society itself is ugly.

I am the type of person who pretty much appreciates people therefore I often get turned off when Im around selfish people who only care and think about their needs.

I need to keep reminding myself that my happiness does not depend on these people. Sigh....Why are people such a pain sometimes?

Doesn't this happen to everyone? I mean why do we have to look at the mistakes or the bad side of someone and not remember their good side or appreciate them. Often at work or outside, people tend to ask for a favour but honestly majority hardly say thank you in return. Kinda feels as though I was paid to do them a favour. Like it was my job. Sighhhhh

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