This post is slightly too late for reviews for the two movies because many of you would have watched them by now but here is my opinions of them.

Night at the Museum 

It was a rather impromptu decision to watch this however I have to say that this movie was pretty much just semi- entertaining unlike the previous 2 however it was sad seeing Robbie Williams with his of his final film roles as Theodore Roosevelt. You could tell he wasn't as energetic but still a good performance from him. The movie moves along pretty quickly with lots of jokes and laughter along the way. Definitely a good movie for families because everyone is going to love it. 

Rating from me 7/10.
Whether I would watch it again? Maybe but probably in about 6months or if I feel like it.

Next up Seventh Son


Apart from Julianne Moore being a really hot villain, this movie overall was pretty disappointing in my opinion. I just felt really bored halfway and there wasn't enough fighting or action going on. Instead it becomes like a love story involving Tom Ward ,the main actor who was played by the very charming Ben Barnes and the witch who was pretty much in between the bad and the good side. I mean she was torn between siding her aunt and mom who were witches and at the same time falling for Tom. So yeahhhh.... I just got really bored halfway and some lines were really cheesy to me. 

Rating from me : 5/10
Whether I would watch it again : No

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