Not much, but it has been 3days of 2015.

The days has been pretty depressing as of late and I have no idea why as well. It is just those kind of feelings whereby you just want to curl up in your bed and not think of anything. But I will try to keep the negativity aura away from this post.

3 days later and let's just summarise about the happy and unhappy moments that I have experienced in 2014. So many first times for me.

Like my first cable car ride from mount faber to sentosa, my first actual chinese new year house visiting with the boyfriend and his friends, exploring places that I seldom go with him and lots of adventure time, my first USS trip and I am proud to say that I am one of those girls who managed to stick with my boyfriend till he ORD and went for his parade so I'd like to thank my dear Chris for that opportunity once more. I mean , it's not like I would date a guy who is in NS anymore already unless....I fall for a younger guy but highly doubt that would happen because that would actually be rather paedophilic (if there ever is a term for it).

2014 was fun on a whole. I went back to school, did rather good for my exams and by the end of the year, I was one of the editorial influencers for Blackboxsg.

In case you are wondering what is blackbox? It is basically an online sampling subscription whereby you are able to purchase sample of beauty products before you purchase the full size bottles. I think that this is really helpful because sometimes we may just buy a product but once we use them, the product may not be suitable and there you go, you just wasted $XXX amount on something that you probably would not use again.

(photo credit :blackbox)

So as you can see , you have a whole range of variety of products. The heart shapes are indicators of how good the product is based on reviews.

Apart from that, they actually have this section called "Editorial" whereby you can read articles or blog posts written by the editorial influencers. Beauty, fashion, entertainment. I find the beauty section really useful as sometimes they may have DIY-s which you can actually try out as the ingredients/materials  that they use
are easily available off the shelf of supermarkets or drugstores.

so remember to go check out 

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