Valentine's Day falls on a Saturday this year and here are some ways you can enjoy this day with your loved one if you are sick of all the movie dinner stuff. Photo credits to respective owners.

1) Picnic ( botanic gardens/henderson wave)


Picnic dates are always fun if  you and your partner enjoy the outdoors and being surrounded by nature.Just find a good spot and you are all set! What you and your partner can do is probably to prepare some easy meals to bring along for the date or probably just get some take-aways, picnic mat which you can get from daiso and just some board games or twister. However if you are too lazy to prepare your own food, try Casa Verde. I came across this and thought that I could share. It is convenient and pretty worth the value in my opinion. Just $30! However this is only available at Botanical Gardens. 

2) Esplanade Concourse or Outdoor Theatre

What my boyfriend and I enjoy doing sometimes is to watch musical performances if there is anything that we like at the Esplanade's Waterfront or Concourse. The performance usually starts around 7pm. The performances are free. I think it is really romantic to just bask in the atmosphere and just enjoying simple things like that together with your partner.

And since it is Valentine's day afterall, how about song dedications to your loved ones? :)

3) Pretend "furniture shopping" at Ikea

Well let's just hope that you don't end up like Tom. >.<
Your partner now is probably whom you want to spend you life with in future, so why not just play pretend? And ikea meatballs for dinner.....yum.

4) Sky Dining or just a normal cable car ride to Sentosa and walk along the beaches

Last year, Chris and I had our first virgin cable car ride for Valentine's. After 23 years living in Singapore, that was our first time. >.<
It was memorable for the both of us. I am someone who is afraid of heights but overall, it was a really nice experience. I enjoyed the ride.

5) Gold Class Movie + Dinner

need i explain more? ;)

6) G-Max Clarke Quay

If the both of you are brave enough, I think this would be a really fun idea. It is definitely out of the norms for a typical Valentine's Day date but ..definitely worth remember.

7) Universal Studios Singapore

I honestly wish that Singapore has funfairs like this..but I guess USS would be something close enough.

8) Sungei Buloh
9) Tree top walk at McRitchie


10) Staying in and preparing dinner together. Away from the crowd and all. Just the two of you.
Probably the only thing that sucks is cleaning up after that. LOL.

Honestly it is hard to think of anywhere else to go but honestly, what matters most is the company and time spent together. :)

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