10 types of girl pals you probably would have come across in your life


1) The Show Off

You don’t quite know how she gets the money but she will be the one who will always be getting her hands first on the newest phone in the market or even wearing the latest fashion accessory or item. She will then brag about how rich her dad is and how much he paid and all. She will also flaunt it in your face and makes sure that you notice it. She will generally expect you to ask stuffs like ” where did you buy that from?” or “how much?” or expects you to compliment her ie : “omg that bag is so cute. you are so lucky to have your dad buy that for you”. Yep, she feels proud of it.She will always think that she is the best.

2) The Desperate

There will never be a time when you will see her without a man. She has to have a man. If she doesn’t have a man, for her it may seem like it is the apocalypse. She will always be asking you to introduce a guy friend to her. All the time. She wants to know your guy friends, boyfriends. As long as it is something with a penis and testicles attached to it, she wants it. I’m not too proud of having such friends actually because I find them to be really annoying and disgusting.

3) The “Only talk to you when I need something”

She only talks to you when she needs a favour from you such as buying insurance. She only talks to you when she needs help.

4) The “Friend with Benefits”

If you are a blogshop owner, i am sure you have come across some girls who are slightly too nice because 1) they just want discounts from you when they buy from you , 2) they want you to sponsor them clothes and 3) fame. Girls love attention and popularity so normally what they would do is to just hang out with the popular people and then they will get noticed and gain popularity as well as they are now in the “popular” clique. Having fame is everything to them.

5) The “Eh can help me?”

She is the bossy one. She everytime asks you for help and does not bother helping you if you need the help.

6) The yaya-papaya

She always think she is right. If you were to start an argument with her, forget it. You will never win.

7) The Gossip Girl

She gossips about almost everyone. Precaution : Never ever tell her your deepest darkest secret because she will just tell everybody else

8) The always very sad one

She is always sad and complaining about how unfair life is for her. You try to give her motivation and positive thinking but she is still very sad and feels very down over small matter. She probably has low self esteem issue as well. Only approach her if you are in a good mood. Never approach her when you are in a bad mood because you might find her annoying.

9) The wild party animal

She always asks you to party. Every weekend, her facebook is just filled with her checking into clubs and photos of her partying.

10) The Sister

She is the one whom you can talk to almost about anything and have a common understanding. You give each other support and are proud of each other’s achievements than being jealous. You will always want to be there for her and she is the one girl whom would come to you with a tub of Ben & Jerry’s when you just broke up with your boyfriend. You can’t imagine life if she had to move away.

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