60 facts about Chanelle Aretha

1) I am turning 24 on the 16th of November and my real name is Aida. Chanelle Aretha is just a name that I've used on my social media for years and what people normally know me as.
2) I am of mixed heritage. Basically malay indian and chinese. My parents are all mixed.
3) I often get asked if my nose is real. The answer is..........YES. I have not had any work done on me.
4) I love sushi.
5) I love anything that has nata de coco in it.
6) Fishcake is my first pet
7) I converse in English most of the time but I do understand Malay and Chinese.
8) My hair is naturally wavy/curly and currently it has an ombre golden brown. Ahhh love it
9) I can't put on weight no matter how much I eat
10) In my free time, I like to watch youtube videos. A few of my favourite youtubers are  "Lilisimply", " Rclbeauty101" and "beautycrush".
11) I love just youtubing for new bands and checking new music out. Currently, im checking out YOUNG GUNS. And I am loving them.
12) I listen to Lana Del Rey, Paloma Faith , Lorde (some songs), The Neighbourhood,Ed Sheeran, Ellie Goulding, Foster the People, The Bravery, The Script , Calvin Harris, Sia,  Arctic Monkeys, Banks and some slow Idk like chillax kinda music (you can probably youtube this kinda genre 'majestic casual' or 'chanetelletruong')
13) My wardrobe is mostly black, white or red.
14) I hate florals to be honest. I just feel that they don't suit me. I do own 3 floral pieces I think.
15) I am very particular about my eyeliner.
16) I can never step out of my house without my ipod.
17) I would consider myself an introvert.
18 ) I am currently doing my degree in HR at SIM.
19) I love red velvet anything.
20) I tend to be too direct at times
21) I have very little tolerance for people who only use me to get things they want
22) Most of my photos are taken before I head out to work. Normally because I like to pass my time on the train by editting my photos
23) If I could spend a day with someone (regardless if they are still alive or has passed on), it will be my grandmother.
24) I don't eat prawns. Just not fond of them.
25) I am very pampered in the sense that I will only eat convenient food. So most of the time, if I feel like having corns or crabs, someone else would have to peel it for me.
26) I used to work in a Japanese restaurant after my O levels and juggled between school, part time waitress job and also tutoring.
27) I cry quiet easily.
28) I always have chocolates in my bag
29) Currently in my room , I am burning Lemon Lavender from Yankee Candles
30) I don't club or party or drink. hahaha I always get that a lot but I don't.
31) I don't have much friends, most of the time I do things alone.
32) I happen to have more guy pals as compared to girls because girls bring too much drama.
33) I'm afraid of clowns and lion dance.
34) I love to sleep.
35) I dislocated my right knee a few times but I haven't seen the orthopaedics because Im afraid.
36) When I was 6, I got into a car accident and almost got blinded in my right eye.
37)  My favourite book is Pet Sematary by Stephen King.
38) I only take milk chocolate or white chocolate
39) I am a tea person
40) I get told that I have an evil laugh often and it sounds like Donald Duck
41) My favourite expression is this ._.
42) My favourite emoji is the unamused face
43) I only use black ink pen
44) I have an acoustic guitar but I haven't played it in like 3 years so I kinda forgotten how.
45) I am not the type who gives up on the people I love easily but Im often disappointed by them.
46) My lip products are mostly from Mac or Limecrime
47) I spend a lot. There is no denying of that. LOL.
48) I normally get along better with outside friends as compared to people from my school since secondary school.
49) I am afraid of heights and cockroaches
50) I live by the quote  "treat others as how you would like to be treated". I guess that is what is lacking in people these days. There are just too many selfish people and it kinda annoys me.
51) I love anything watermelon scented.
52) I hate the sun somehow.It gets me dizzy at times
53) My body goes on auto shutdown mode when the clock strikes 9pm
54) I always have my mints and the only mints I eat is "spearmint"
55) I am definitely not a sports person.
56) I would love to visit japan one day
57) My favourite cartoon character is Toothless from How To Train Your Dragon
58) I am about 154cm. HAHA. And shoe size 4.5
59) I am very ocd when it comes to tidying my wardrobe
60) I get overly excited when I see scenic views or a beautiful sunrise/sunset

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  1. is ur nose real?haha

    1. If you see an old lady in your dreams, she will give you the answer.