Things girls do that turns guys off


After yesterday's post about the things guys do that turns girls off, now it is the other way round!
I approached some of my male friends for opinions and these are what they came up with so some points you probably may or may not agree. But these are just some feedbacks from a few friends that I asked :)

1) Girls who try too hard

One thing that I noticed that puts a guy off is when a girl is not being herself when she is with      him. She tries so hard to be someone she is not because maybe she is not confident of herself. I have seen such girls who are like that though. It is easy to spot such girls actually. Observe her when she is in a group of girl pals and suddenly the guy she likes come. If she starts treating her friends coldly and not laughing at jokes which she would normally laugh at, then yeah she is definitely not being herself.

Guys prefer the real deal. They wanna know who you are inside and out. So don't try so hard to be someone you are not.

2) Girls who are very money minded

I know security means everything to a girl but sometimes if you are just gonna after a guy for money, then that is not acceptable. The male species is not created by God to dispense cash for women. If you really need money, get your ass up and work.

3) Girls who are bossy

Heck, who likes being bossed around?

4) Overly attached girls

As much as girls can't stand clingy guys, the same thing goes for guys. Everyone wants their own personal space to do whatever they want. They need their personal space to be with friends or family. If you do not trust your boyfriend, then I wonder why you are still in a relationship?

5) Girls who are think too highly of themselves

Some girls really need to come back down to Earth. Why do you think so highly of yourself? Who do you think you are? Kate Middleton? Come on, the lady herself is I don't see why you got to be so snobbish.

6)Girls who curses and swears a little too much

I admit that I tend to curse and swear a little too much sometimes but I normally do that when I am angry or in pain. LOL. But yeah ladies, try to control alright

7) Girls who belittles her friends

It tells a lot about a girl if she belittles her friends. Normally such girls are pretty much like the girls stated in point number 5.

8) Girls who judge too much

9) Too Desperate
Girls who are always desperate will forever be desperate because guys don't like that. Don't be afraid that you are single. When you are desperate, you tend to turn the nice guys off and attract the wolves instead.

10) Bimbos

This is a tough one because I have friends who don't mind dating a bimbo while some do mind dating one. A bimbo is probably good if you are looking for a one night stand. So if you do not want to be just another girl he slept with, please don't be a bimbo.

Basically from what I observe, I guess guys are pretty much into down to earth girls whom they can strike a good conversation with. Just let loose. Just be friendly and have a sense of humor. Laughter is good.

However the most important thing is to just be yourself. If he really likes you, he will just like you for who you are. :)

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