Things guys do that turns most girls off


I was just on the train the other day and thought of a few things that guys do that ultimately turns me off or rather the reason why I stop talking to some of them. I am not too sure if other girls would feel the same way as I do, but if you do...then ... I feel you sister. We are in the same boat!

So, I am #sorrynotsorry if you are offended by my post but well you should know I am a straightforward person!

1) Being Late
If you wanna go out with a girl, never be late. It just shows how much you thought of the meet up and how irresponsible you really are

2) Overtalk about yourself
If we are on a date and you just keep talking about yourself, you are just gonna bore us to death. It is not that we are not interested but if you just keep talking about yourself and not gonna ask about the other party, maybe you should just date yourself.

3)Overtalk about sex
It is flirty when you talk about kinky stuffs like sex however if you are just gonna look for me for a booty call, then nope. I am not interested.

4) Overly Eager Guys
I mean yeah there are nice guys everywhere in this world. And there are always guys who are showering concern and all. But maybe sometimes it is better if you do not pounce on a girl who is newly single that fast.

5) Guys who think they know everything 
The thing that turns me off the most is when a guy assumes that he knows me very well and they will start judging you. It is just a deal breaker for me.

6) Hygiene
Well isn't this a DUHHHHH thing?

7) Overly clingy guys
I can't stand clingy people. Period.

8) Guys who only care about their needs.
Sex is a two way thing. It is not just a "cum" and go. If you know what I mean boys. So during foreplay, work harder I guess?

9) Guys who don't know what they want
No sense of direction in life is a nono. Girls like security or rather at least have someone who knows what he is doing..

10) No respect/Abusive
If a guy has no respect or hits a girl, it just shows that he is not a man.

I do not want to be seen as a sexist therefore, for my next post it is going to be : What girls do that turns the guys off

So stay tuned! :D

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