Dating guys of 3 different age groups.


I have been in the dating game for a while now. I have dated guys who are 4 years my junior , same age as me and a guy who is 10 years my senior. I tend to keep my options wide when it comes to dating because I love experimenting and being with different people of different age groups. 3 guys from 3 different adult stage. Do note that whatever that is mentioned in this post is based on my opinion.

The Virgin

Now before I start, please don't have naughty thoughts about the header : The Virgin. Haha I didn't take it away from him.He was in his first year of his polytechnic education when I first got to know him. We got along fine before we went out on a couple of movie dates. He would always be texting me and was pretty clingy. He didn't had any relationship before so there were times when I had to guide him. He doesn't really take the initiative to do things or make the first move. There was not much drama between us and even if we had arguments, it was pretty easy to resolve because he was afraid. I was pretty much wearing the pants in the dating phase. Being with a younger guy somehow makes me feel like I am young and we would do things which teenagers would probably do without getting judged. It was fun experiencing camping and just being more active. I have went out with younger guys who are 2 years my junior and are matured. However, at the end of the day I still would probably not get into a relationship with a younger guy because I am the sort who loves to look up to someone and who is able to guide me.

The "probably has his shit together but no not yet"

What I noticed about dating guys my age is that we are both relatively on par with each other. Our experiences level in terms of dating is about the same. I mean yeah you can probably have a lot of girlfriends or boyfriends as compared to your partner but the quality of it....yeah I don't think so. hahahaha. Back in secondary school, I was around friends who were always stepping in and stepping out of relationships like as if they are changing their daily outfits. They seem to be able to snap up a new boytoy/girltoy pretty quickly. In conclusion, the relationships they had were pretty much 'TRIAL AND ERROR'. (DO NOTE THIS IS JUST MY OPINION). So what I have noticed about dating guys my age is that whenever we argue, we don't really give in so much and tend to stand strong and defend ourselves.I am sure there ARE guys who are not like that but too bad, majority of the ones I've dated are as I've mentioned. Like the Virgin, they probably are not sure of what they want in life yet. They may seem to "get it" but they "don't". There have been a lot of sayings about how Women mature earlier compared to men but unfortunately, till now there is no given proof except experiences. I think that women tend to mature earlier as compared to guys because we have that "motherly" role in us where else guys tend to be more relaxed when it comes to making decisions in a relationship which in turn tends to piss the ladies off a lot. I guess if you want to be a guy with a same age, it takes a lot of patience, giving in to one another and  most importantly listening. It takes time but if you think it is worth then do carry on.

The "Experienced" Lover

He was 30 while I was only 20. He was definitely a very busy man and I thought it was pretty interesting whenever I listen to him talk about his trading business. Being on dates with him was pretty alright. We had really good conversations and I felt like I was really taken care of. Taken care does not mean he pays for all of my necessities. It means that he was very supportive and I normally would asked him for advice before I do something. There were hardly any arguments because he didn't really do stuffs to piss me off. Unfortunately for him, I was at an age whereby I was not looking for anything serious while he was. For someone his age, he probably would be looking for someone to commit to and start a family with. Being with an older guy was also a relieve for me as he accepted me for who I am and didn't really try to change me. Unlike the younger guys, he was not insecure and was pretty much fine with me going out with my male friends. I do find that older guys are better in terms of sex as compared to younger guys. I mean each to his own, but I do enjoy being the submissive one at times in bed. 

So there you go, the 3 different age groups of men that I have dated. Some of the points you may agree while others you may not agree. But nonetheless, thank you for reading! :)

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