Before the breakup, I honestly felt like he was the reason for my happiness and that nothing else can make me happy.  I pretty much broke down all the time after the breakup however I am on my road to recovery now because I realised that I was responsible for my own happiness and that happiness begins with me.

I started doing things that I love such as dressing up , putting on makeup , experimenting on different looks and take photos of myself. The likes on my instagram were pretty much motivation for me to take more and it made me open up to more people who shared common interests as me. I loved their fashion sense and style and I got inspired to experiment further. I had a new haircolor and I received lots of compliments for it.

I got a camera and got inspired to take more photos. I don't own a high end or super good camera but what I had was more than enough. I am impressed with the photographs and again. I felt inspired to capture more photographs and I truly find joy and peace when I am editting them. It felt like a sense of accomplishment. My photographs can never be compared to professional photographers out there but I was satisfied.

I spent more time with fishcake. Fishcake taught me how to be patient and not to take things for granted. If you compare fishcake and me, it is pretty obvious that I would outlive her.Therefore, I told myself that I should always treasure and shower her with a lot of love while she is still alive. I am committed to giving my best for my cat.

Meeting new people. I wasn't the sort who would actually open up to people however after meeting some, it wasn't that bad actually. I love to listen to them talk about their jobs, their stories and it was really lovely to interact. Somehow while meeting people, you would realise that there are more important things in your life and it makes you motivated. One thing that I have noticed about the people I've met is that they were in love with their jobs. I wished I could feel the same towards mine however I know I will end up loving my real job once I have completed with my degree.

Goals in life. In order for me to get a new job with a better paycheck, I have to do really well for my degree and graduate asap. Getting a degree is probably not a big deal as everyone has it but it is one of my goals in life. I want to be smart. I don't want to be just an empty tin can. I want to have looks and qualifications. Who knows, maybe after the degree...I might consider doing a Masters or even a PHD.

Exercising. I know I am too skinny however, I have been motivating myself to exercise in order to build muscles. Get toned and feel happy.

Happiness starts with you. Only you can decide whether you want to be happy.

Till then <3

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  1. Nicely said even though being tied up and blindfolded.

  2. Wow, we are in the same boat. But I pretty much got over him and he is my first love(worst��)

    Meng Yee