I remember how being in secondary school, looks was everything and how it felt to be labelled as "the ugliest girl" , "sure single forever", "give dogs, they also dont want", "so nerdy". I am embarrassed about posting old photos of myself but without then, there wouldn't be a now therefore I shall be proud of it.

I was never the Belle of the school nor was I the girl whom guys just look at and are amazed when she tossed the balls into the hoops. I was never good at sports or even studies. Whenever people asked me what CCA I am in, I just mumbled softly "librarian". I wasn't proud of my CCA but it was probably the BEST decision ever now that I think of it because all I had to do was just rearrange books and then I could hide behind a shelf and just have a short afternoon nap while my other peers are in the hot sun doing either their band practices , uniformed group march or training for the next SYF or competition against another secondary school.

In secondary school, I guess "Chicken Little" would be the best way to describe myself. I wore my socks up very high, my skirt was very long and I didn't even tuck a bit of my shirt out. I was often ridiculed and slowly I began to change. I felt very hurt by the comments made by my classmates then. I hardly had any friends or rather true friends.  I was backstabbed a lot and being around those people was not healthy at all. Picture this. Everyday you go to school and sit among your circle of friends and you guys just start comparing yourselves to other people. The most hurtful comment that I've received was "You should go for plastic surgery". Imagine the psychological effect that comment made on a 15year old me.  It is demoralising and filled with so much negativity.  Why were we so obsessed with how we look when we were just 14 then?
Now that I am older and when I looked back and reflect, I guess I made a right choice of breaking off all contacts with such people.

I am 23 years old now and sometimes I happen to chance upon a few statuses on facebook or instagram posts which made me realise what kind of people society has made us to be. We are only focused on our looks and beauty. Superficial and pathetic. I used to have friends back in school who were always looking through magazines and commenting on girls. Honestly if I could, I would tell the younger me "Oh hun. All you need is photoshop". I do use photoshop on my photos as well but not to the extent that I am liquify-ing every single part of my body that doesn't look perfect.

If you are a 15 year old and you happened to chance upon this blogpost and reading this, I hope you find these few pointers relatable.


Don't bother about how bushy your eyebrows are or compare yourselves to how others look like. Trust me, I only started playing with makeup when I was 18. Learn to accept yourself for who you are.


Relationships don't quite last when you are just a young teenager. Love, love, love. You think you know it but actually no, you don't. All you get is just puppy love. I am not being bitter but judging from the people around me, the success rate of marrying your secondary school sweetheart is just between 1 to 4%. So don't bother.


Enjoy your study life because once you are done with your bachelor degree or diploma, you can kiss your studying life goodbye. All you need to do is just enjoy your class and get more knowledge. Enjoy your time doing things that you like while you still have the time because once you start working, there is no time. You may have time but you would probably be too tired to do things that you like.


Be around people who makes you positive and happy. You will feel more motivated and value yourself more. Add more positive friends if you must. If you are around friends who are very negative and all, please delete them off your life. You don't need such beings. Such friends are not worth having.


Don't feel pressurized to get a nose job or do plastic surgery just because your favourite blogger had it done. I am not bashing on anyone but everyone pretty much looks the same. Don't make such harsh decisions or just think that looks is everything you need in order to survive in this world. We are all unique in our own ways. You are still growing and you will be beautiful. You are not a diamond nor a shining star , but you are still perfect.

and let me just end off this post with a very very young picture of me. Heh, Dorky glasses.

Till then, XOXO. :)

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  1. you look really sweet with the glasses , maybe preference , the younger is more of a natural feminine , while the new you is bombshell .. cheers =)

    1. Aww hey there! thanks for the comment and the compliment. Hahaha, oh well....puberty. Below 18 and above 21. Hah! jeez i feel so old now that i mentioned that! haha :)

  2. Glad I stumbled upon your blog! :) I can relate to many if your posts and you're really beautiful.

    1. Aww hey. Thank you for taking your time to read my posts and your kind compliments! Hahaha it motivates me to write even more. :D have a great week!!