empty promises and trust?


As time goes by, I feel that I am slowly getting more and more insecure about the people around me and I am beginning to lose trust in people. The feeling gets worst each day and I am tired of everyone. I am tired of people giving me false hopes and making empty promises. Why do you do that?

I don't blame people or think that people are being too insecure. You know sometimes it is experiences that make people that way. Maybe we used to have a trust level of 100%, being too naive and then we got taken advantage of and slowly we just feel the need to not trust someone so much. I've had my share of heartbreaks and I sometimes blame myself for being too nice and naive. I always like to see the good in others no matter what other people tell me because I don't like judging someone whom I don't know. I have been bailed on so many times before by guys. They would just tell me to meet at blabla at about whatever time and when I reached there , I just get bailed. I would wait for about 2 hours and I will just leave. I know right, why wait so long? But I guess I just felt that maybe he was caught up in traffic somewhere. I called and left a few texts but no reply.

After being bailed for many many times, I guess you will eventually get used to it.It is not a nice feeling to be bailed without any legit reason. I mean even if you think that I am ugly in real life and not what or how you thought I would be, you are not a nice person and you definitely do not deserve to be my friend. And I don't really mind actually that you don't want to be my friend because I don't like shallow people. If you are judging me based on my looks then it is better off that I do not know you at all.

I am tired of hearing promises because promises that people made to me, most of them are just empty promises. Promises which don't hold a meaning but I guess to them it is not that important. I don't get it. Why do people grow up to be so vicious? Was there a problem with how they grew up? You don't just make promises with someone just because you want to feel good about it. Put yourself in the other party's shoes for once. Think about it. What if someone made you feel that way? If you can't promise someone something then don't even mention the thing. It is because of people like you that made trust an issue for others. You are just being selfish because all you ever cared about was your own feelings and not others. When you make promises with someone, you made the other party put in hope that something WILL happen when it actually don't.

I don't know what I did or if I have offended anyone but I just felt that I don't deserve that treatment. Wait, no one deserves to be treated that way because it is not nice. I do not wish for it to happen to anyone because the feeling is horrible. Can you imagine? Being bailed? Please don't waste other people's time and honestly, don't bother asking me why I am reluctant to meet people nowadays because of all these incidents.

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