Oh wow I am a cheap girl? Wait, who are you again?


I don't normally get into keyboard fights but I honestly just couldn't help but laugh at people.
So, I just made a comment on Straits Times about this malay lady who was wearing a headscarf and was arrested because she abused her Indonesian maid.
So this was how it went .....

 I was only talking about that one makcik. That one, particular one. The one who got arrested because she abused her Indonesian maid.

I couldn't help but laugh to be honest. I am not offended that he called me cheap or a slut or spoilt because I don't even know him and if he is judging me because of my outfits and photos then good luck to him in life. LOL. Well in general, I made that comment because I always feel that Muslims who wear headscarfs are very respectful and wouldn't do things like abusing a maid. I just felt that it was a rather shameful act for her to be acting that way and it somehow got the attention of fellow Emy Ishak.  So I don't know how or why but he started attacking me. Probably too bored. LOL.

I know I am not a good Muslim and I am VERY aware of that but you know, whatever happens to me in my afterlife, Let God judge . Who are you to even judge me? LOL. So he stated assuming that I was cheap and that I am spoilt based on my photos. -_-
How is having photos that showed my boobs considered cheap and spoilt? Someone please explain it to me. And what's wrong with boobs? LOL.  If I really wanted to be cheap, I would have gone full out and probably have photos of myself in bed with different men and posted it online.
Spoilt? I don't remember posting photos of anything that is expensive or lavish or bragging about my new branded handbags or whatever. LOL.

The fella then started saying that I was insulting as a whole. -____- I was just talking about this particular "makcik". And how does me not being covered up have anything to do with abuse?

I am aware that I am not covered up and no, I don't see myself donning on the Hijab anytime soon so let me just do the things I want to do , if I  commit sins then just let me be because I chose that path and the one who would be suffering in hell is me and not you. If you really are a pious Muslim, didnt God tell you not to judge others? What difference is there anyway if you claim to be a very good Muslim but you judge people and call others cheap when you don't even know them? 

If I had a headscarf on and posted photos of myself in bikini, then fine you can go ahead and bitch about me. But uhh....even if I was cheap, your problem?
And since when did I even judge him? LOL. If I wanted to, I would have said "Hey, whats with the embroidered eyebrows? I thought cannot?".


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