So that really cute guy you have been crushing on finally asked you out but your lips are chappy as hell because of the lack of water and probably because you have been applying lipsticks too often that your lips start to get dry. Well here is how you can make your very own DIY Lip Scrub for less than $5.

What you will need is
  • Vaseline ( Venus , $3.95) / Lip Butter
  • Sugar
  • A clean contact lense casing
  • Cotton Bud/Spatula
 So first I cut off the cotton part of one side of the cotton bud as I need a stirrer to stir the vaseline and sugar together. It would have been better if you have a spatula, but cotton buds work just as fne.

Voila , like so. Next I added sugar into my contact lense casing.

And lastly, I added in the vaseline.

So once you have added them, they will look like this.

And you just stir it with your cotton bud until you get a consistent texture.

So once the final product is then, it will look something like this and then you can just leave it in the fridge for a while for it to be slightly cold and you can start putting them all over your lips and scrub them with a toothbrush.

heh sounds pretty easy right? Enjoy, girls <3

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