Taking things for granted


Hello everyone! It's been a while since I last posted about something and today I just feel like talking about  how people to take things for granted. I , myself , am not ashamed to say that I tend to take things for granted and then regret after that. And it seems to happen so often at times that even if I tell myself that I should change or feel remorse, I keep repeating the same mistakes again.

Nobody likes being taken for granted but somehow I guess it is just in human nature that we take things for granted. How often do you say thank you to someone you love or hear a thank you from someone you love ?

Life can be so fast-paced at times that we often neglect our parents, our siblings, our friends and  our significant other. We hardly feel appreciation towards them maybe because in the back of our minds, we are just subconsciously telling ourselves "Nah they wouldn't mind" or maybe not even have any feelings at all. Instead sometimes we tend to just scold them if they happened to fuck things up unintentionally.When we scold them, we never really spare a thought about how the other party is feeling. They would either keep quiet and feel sad or just get fed up with your behaviour and just give up on you and leave.

Make a difference and say thank you to your loved ones as a sign of appreciation for everything that they have done for you. If you have been too caught up with school or work, put in an effort to be around your loved ones. Time is precious and life is short. We will never know how long more we will live. It's May the Fourth and may the fourth be with you.Have a great week ahead. :)

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