To dump or not to dump, now that is a question


So you have been with your partner for a while now and things just don't seem to look good and you are probably think whether you should dump the him/her. Well these are 5 reasons why you probably should break up with them.

Basically, if you want to be in a relationship with someone, you have to be with someone who accepts you for who you are regardless of your race, your mindset, your past etc. He/She shouldn't change you to someone you are not. I've had an experience with this guy when I was younger.  He wanted me to 1) straighten my hair 2) get brown lenses 3) change my way of dressing up 4) know every single anime character 5) enter cosplay competitions. I was like 'Dude, seriously?'. I mean, this is not DIY Buildable Barbie. This is real life and no I did not proceed to be in a relationship with him because I felt that his demands were pretty much stupid. There ARE such people in life but you know it is not worth it if they aren't proud of having you being you and try to change you to someone else just so that he/she can satisfy their likings. People like these are selfish and no, you don't need them in your life.

If you are with someone who is just pointing out so many faults about you and humiliating you in public or in front of their friends, it is time you tell them that you have had enough of their bullshits. Clearly, your partner is not respecting you and they never will. Instead they find joy in pointing out your flaws and making you feel like a piece of garbage. There is a difference between "jokes" and "humiliation". If they don't get it, then just throw a dictionary in their face.  I just don't see why you should put up with someone who doesn't respect you. 

I do have friends who are victims of an abusive relationship and most of the time, it is not as easy to step out of one because abuse can be done both physically and mentally. It is a crime to hit someone and if your "loved" ones hit you, well that is just not love for me. No one will hurt the person they truly love. If they are able to just hit you so easily, until you are all bruised up. You deserve better. It is going to be hard and you are gonna be scared but with the help and support from your family and friends, you will make it out. Sometimes the other party (abuser) may not be able to fully accept the break up and may do such things like threatening to kill themselves or whatever. If that ever happens, then get the police and just make a report. 

Money is pretty much important in a relationship and it may actually lead to couples arguing because they are both not on the same financial philosophical page. Get to know each other's spending habits and see if there is anything that you can fix. If your partner is always in debt, I would actually suggest you to leave because even if you wanted to have a future with him/her, it is not going to be easy and your partner might actually ask you to pay for their debts because you both are now Mr and Mrs.

Whenever we date someone or get in a relationship with someone, we would usually hope that this will last for eternity and you both will get married and settle down and have kids. I mean that is why we get into a serious relationship right? However, if you don't see a future with that person then I suggest for you to just dump the other party. No questions asked.  It is gonna be rash and difficult but upon looking at the bright side, you are giving the person a chance to go find someone else whom is going to treat them better. However, do note that when you do this you may either end up on a mutual breakup or the other party is just going to hate you for life and will never forgive you. 

So there you have it, just 5 simple points if you ever need a relationship reconsideration. Hope you liked them and feel free to drop any comments if you have any. :)


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