3 things that I always tell myself.


I am sure everyone probably has some values or quotes in life that they want to live by. So here are just three simple things that I feel are important to me.

1. Work hard and stay humble

Staying humble is one of the main important things to me because I feel that even if you are very successful with something but you are proud and arrogant, it is very much a turn off. I know of some people who just get success into their heads and started treating everyone else like crap just because they don't hold a common status as them or on par as them. So you can have anything you want in the world and brag about it but if you are just gonna be a stuck up bitch, you are probably not gonna go far in life.  Everyone knows that success is temporary. You never know when you might actually have a twist of fate and need help. So it is very important to just stay humble and not feed on your ego too much.

2. Treat others as how you would like to be treated

I have this attitude of treating others as how I would like to be treated. hahah, from my photos and all, I guess people would have thought of me as being a rather stuck up person or someone who is just full of themselves. In reality, I am not that sort of person. I guess working in the service industry for a while has changed me and shaped who I am now. I feel that everybody deserves to be treated right and that we should all start being caring to one another. A simple  "thank you" can sometimes make a real difference to someone's day. At times, I just feel that we are living in a world whereby people can be very insensitive to one another. To me, I feel that it is always important to be sensitive and spare a thought for the other party. Not only will you make the other party feel good, but you will feel good about it as well. Having such satisfaction is pretty much something that money cannot buy. When you do good things, you feel good about yourself and you will start being more positive. That is pretty much how I link my life up and always tell myself.

3.Be yourself because everyone else is already taken.

This is one of those really smart quotes that got me going "ehh true that" because sometimes I feel that people tend to change at times and they are just not as real as how they really should be. Some people are just down right fake and trying so hard to be someone they are not and they tend to just lose themselves in the process. Just have fun being yourself because no one else plays a better role than you yourself. Nobody likes fake people anyway.

So there you have it, just 3 simple rules that I live by. Just 3 basic stuffs to let you do a short reflection about yourself. Hopefully, they will change your view or motivate you to be a better person.  Happy Mid week :)

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