A post for the cake, THE FISHCAKE


So I believe some of you would have already known about this little furry buddy friend of mine. And this is gonna be a very fishcake worthy post.

Somewhere in 2013, I was preparing for my examinations but I was also getting myself distracted by looking for cats for adoption. I don't know what came over me but I just wanted to just look around.I was on gumtree and I found a picture of this.

Look at how innocent her face was. So I took out my phone and started texting to ask if she was still available and her owner said yes! I was soo excited that I immediately said yes. I did everything without discussing with my family.My mom is afraid of cats actually.So being a rather spoilt brat, I kept insisting that i wanted this cat and my parents eventually gave in even though mom was really hating the idea.I was so happy that day and her previous owner sent me more pics of fishcake.

On 17th May 2013, my uncle drove my Dad and I to Kovan to pick up this little kitty. She was only 2 months old. When I entered the house, I saw a little kitten who was trying to get into a tissuebox. I didn't thought it was Fishcake at first so I just went to look at the older cat. The owner then told me that that cat was actually Fishcake. I remember having this expression when she said that was fishcake. I was :O
I was a little bit surprised because Fishcake was really tiny, wasn't as fluffy as the photos and very playful. I was kind of worried that my mom wouldn't approve. Fishcake was a very active kitty. She was chasing the older bigger cats and having two portions of cat food. When the older one couldn't finish, she would go over to the other bowl to eat. And when she ate, there were a lot of "chup chup chup". She was chewing so loudly. According to the owner, there were others who were also interested in Fishcake but Fishcake either didn't let them carry her or they were looking for a male cat. When my uncle carried Fishcake, she was calm and didn't move so much. Her owner was pretty impressed that Fishcake didn't retaliate or anything.Her owner gave away some of her favourite toys and we were on our way home with a new family member.

This is fishcake in her little cage. I did not have any background knowledge of how to take care of a cat so it was pretty challenging for me at first. I remembered how I waited anxiously to see if fishcake would poop or pee. Fishcake had already been vaccinated before I picked her up. Slowly, over time...I began to get a hold of things and I got used to looking after fishcake. When fishcake got sick, I was panicking but luckily then I had Chris so he came by to my place and we both headed to the vet together. Fishcake was having diarrhea and had a jab. She was also given some liquid form medication.  Fishcake didn't want to open her mouth when it comes to tables therefore we settled for the liquid form instead. It was so messy !

Months passed and fishcake grew bigger and even more flufflier.

Fishcake became a very important part of my life. She was always there for me whenever I was feeling alone and she makes me feel happy. I remembered how I cried so bad when the vet told me that Fishcake had a heart murmur and probably wouldn't live up to how long her lifespan is. I visited another vet for a second opinion but the other vet told me that her heartbeat was fine. I love coming home because I get to see my cat. Fishcake has a series of really funny expressions. I love it when her pupils are all black but at the same time, it can get scary when she starts chasing me around the house. 

My Sundays were mainly prioritised for Fishcake. That is when I would bathe her, clean her, clean her ears etc. It is also a day whereby I get to just snuggle with her even though most of the time she does not seem to want it. LOL

ugh I just feel like getting off work now to return home to my cat. Anyway, I am not writing this to encourage people to just make decisions without thinking. My blogpost is mainly about my cat. I do feel that before you consider getting a pet, you have to sit down and really think if you are going to be responsible for them. I see pets being abandoned all the time because of owners. You should never give up on your pet because your pet never gives up on you. You may think that your pets don't love you but actually they do. I've experienced it myself. After my breakup, fishcake was always sleeping with me in my room. She usually doesn't do that but she did. She climbs up and just rests. Sometimes I will just place my fingers below her cheeks and she will start purring. She makes me feel calm and feel better. I spent more time with fishcake and snuggle her every single day. 

Fishcake is my best friend, and I love her unconditionally even though at times she gives me kitty bites. She takes my troubles away and cheers me up. People are not always around when you need them, but pets are. They are constantly giving off love and gratitude, and they are happy to be in your presence. I am thankful that I got distracted the other day and came across her on gumtree. 

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