I go on #bitchmode when.......


So whenever it is nearing the time of the month, I tend to be very bitchy and hate almost everything that I see. This happens a lot actually and I thought it would be rather amusing to read this post again when I am back to my calm self mode which is actually pretty rare. So here we go....

1) Guys who are always sharing stuffs like this all over facebook.

Okay, I know I probably could have just clicked "please don't show me this in future" or hide the video away but sometimes I just think it is rather stupid. I am not saying this because I am jealous or whatever but really, OF COURSE IT IS A SEXY DANCE. I mean like duh, from their dressing and their very suggestive sexual moves. ISNT IT OBVIOUS?  And come on, that dance is really nothing much. It just looks like a 5 year old could have actually pulled it off as well. All you gotta do is just show your tits and just shake them and sway your hips. All I am saying is that anyone can pull off that moves. Maybe your grandmom can do it but you wouldn't know. And if she does that, I doubt you would have that erection in your pants because you are probably gonna be like "wtf grandma?!"

2) People who seem to have a clue about me when they don't

Over time, I get comments from strangers who think they know me but they don't .I get judged at times and I wouldn't say that I hate or love it at the same time. It just depends on my mood for that day if I feel like entertaining you. Often than not, I am always left with an "uhmm what the heck" sort of expression. Well society IS indeed shallow so, can't really blame them now can I ?

3) Girls who are desperate for attention

There are times whereby I just feel like putting a gun to my head whenever I meet girls who are just really desperate. It can be desperate for love, attention, money. But please....stop being so desperate. Without love attention and money, you wouldn't die okay? So just stop acting like you will die in 24 hours without a man in your life. It is not a terminal disease but they act like it is to them. Sometimes things like luck and love takes time to come. You can't just have whatever you want in this world because life is unfair. If you need an inspirational tattoo, may I suggest "life is unfair. deal with it?" Your welcome.

4) People on the train

Let's face it. Train rides in Singapore can really be a pain in the ass at times when it comes to peak hours and no one is enjoying it. Once in a while, I get looks from ladies who get annoyed by me BECAUSE I accidentally rubbed my bag against her butt. I mean come on, the train is already packed....people from the train platforms still try to force themselves into the train so we need to move in. Oh my God , Lady .....please stop acting like I enjoyed rubbing your $1 worthy butt. We just have to move in at times because there is a lot of space in front of you but you REFUSE to move forward for whatever reason that may be. I am not too sure if you are not moving into that empty space because you saw a spirit there and do not want to disturb it but really.. STOP your nonsense.

5) People on the train

A continuation from point 4. I don't understand why some girls enjoy flipping their long Pontianak like hair on the train so much. There is no mirror so why do you keep flipping your hair. We did not pay $2.50 for a train ride and to eat your hair at the same time. YUCK.

I probably have more things to talk about but I guess I should stop here before everyone has that impression of me being a forever complaint queen. I am not surprised if some of you already have such thoughts or opinions about me. LOL. BYE

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