Rest in peace, little angels


First of all, I send my deepest condolences to the family and friends of the victims of the Sabah Earthquake that happened last week.When I read the short stories about the students , backgrounds and how bright the students were, I just felt heartbroken. It  really is a sad day for Singaporeans everywhere. The skies were gloomy and rain just start falling. Pretty much like how   everyone is feeling. It was a good idea to declare today as a day of remembrance for our victims.

However after reading and following the news on facebook, I was rather annoyed by some comments that I've read. Some of the comments were pretty much uncalled for as they were blaming the school for letting the students to go on an overseas trip to climb Mount Kinabulu. First of all, let me just say that for every trips be it in Singapore or overseas, students are given the consent form which has to be signed by the parents before they go for the trip. In my humble and honest opinion, I do feel that if you have consented, then you should not blame the school. An earthquake is something that is not predictable. We can't predict when or where the earthquakes will be at. It can even happen in Singapore for all we know even though it seems impossible considering where our country is situated on in the map. Some of the comments pointed at how it was ridiculous to allow 12 year olds to climb up a mountain since they are pretty young and probably do not have the necessary survival skills. 
They were not alone. They went with professionals. 

Therefore, I hope that everyone can just stop the blaming game and just show some respect. Death is not something within our control. We can die anywhere and at anytime. Even if you are just sitting in your office, you can actually die as well. How? Maybe you might just have a sudden cardiac arrest and just die on the spot. If it is time for us to go, then yes we will go. 

Once again, I am deeply sorry for the loss of the victims. Rest in Peace.

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