So over the weekend, I caught San Andreas. If I could describe the movie in one word, it would be "unreal".


Let me just give you a short spoiler synopsis of what the movie was all about. The movie starts off with Ray (Dwayne Johnson) and his team trying to rescue a girl from falling to her death from a car which was hanging on a branch and then it goes to show his family and how his relationship is like with his daughter and his wife who was filing for a divorce yada yada that sort of stuff. And then we also have people who were trying to predict the next earthquake so the movie was pretty much switching  between the two groups of people. Then the earthquake struck at Hoover Dam and it was pretty much just disasters all the way. So Ray was pretty much just flying his helicopter for his search and rescue mission but went to save his wife instead because she happened to call him and he answered the phone when the earthquake struck. What a perfect timing I must say. And then they went to look for their daughter, Blake who was also caught in the disaster in SF. The movie ended off on a happier ending because they were alive while the rest of the thousands of people died and no one seems to give a fuck about the other people.

. I was very much amused by how predictable everything was throughout the whole movie. And the way the director makes it predictable is too often and same just happen to know when something bad is about to happen. For once, I felt like I was the director of the movie because I could anticipate what was going to happen next.

So the leading actor was Dwayne Johnson also known as The Rock. I was just really amused that no matter what happens, it seems that he is always left unscathed throughout the entire movie. No bleeding, no injuries or whatsoever. Sometimes it appears to me, like he was God. Yeah sure, the dude can control a helicopter, an airplane and a boat. Funny part was that every single mode of transportation of his somehow has enough fuel and keys for him to steal. What is the possibility of that happening in real life? LOL.  Very low or maybe close to none.

And when he managed to get over that sea crest, I totally just laughed out loud. Like yeah right. As if.

I do somehow feel that watching San Andreas was pretty much like watching Journey 2: The Mysterious Island. The special effects and all was rather incredible. Lots of buildings falling and crumbling down. People getting squashed by slabs of concretes. If that were to happen in real life though, I probably would have died within 10minutes of disaster because of my very weak knees. My sister even made a joke out of it. She said that if an earthquake was to struck at the cinema where I was at and I fell, I'd probably be the burden she has to carry. Sigh, what a bitch but I'd probably be telling her to just leave me there to die in a very dramatic way. 

Overall, I would probably just give this movie 5/10 stars because if you are in it for the special effects maybe you might enjoy it but plot and story-line...well not so. I would have rather watched this over the internet or just rent it from a local shop once it is available on blue rays or dvds.

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