Types of people I meet on Carousell


So as some of you may know, I own a Carousell account and I do sell preorder stuffs. Basically for preorder items, payment has to be in before I place the order and have the item sent to me and then subsequently for me to meet the buyer. I have instocks as well however they are mostly clothes which I bought on impulse or just extras. Throughout my experiences there, I must say that I have met some really nice customers and also some very demanding bunch of people that I refuse to even deal with. I am not hard up for cash and if you think I am being arrogant, then so be it. I hate dealing with people who are rude. I have thus ranked the nicest customers I have ever met all the way to the nastiest.

1) Cooperative Customers
 They are normally very decisive with their decisions and most of the time, transactions with them are very smooth and hassle-free.

2) The "Do you think I can fit?"
Sometimes they would ask a lot. I mean fine, customers have the rights to ask but sometimes the questions they ask are very....I just don't know what or how to answer. Most of my items would have measurements stated  so whenever someone asks me questions on my bralets like "I am a C Cup do u think I can fit?" I just go on a blank space. It is difficult for me to say because my breasts aren't even a C and I am really not sure if you can fit or not. I wouldn't really tell me customers that my items are free sized because free sized can be pretty deceiving.

3) The "Deadbuyer"
Everyone gets a deadbuyer every once in a while and I do feel that it is a norm actually to have people backing out from your orders.

4) The "INSIST" meetup by their convenience buyer
Whenever I buy stuffs online and if I request for a meetup, I would travel to the person's place to get my items because duh, I'm the one who wanted to buy from them. I don't know if people do actually read my bios about details for my meetups but sometimes I get odd requests like meetups at Eunos/Paya Lebar or Choa Chu Kang. And they would very much insist that they can only meet me up there and not anywhere else. First of all, let me just say that if we both can't agree on a meetup, kindly opt for postage. I will provide you the necessary like mailing pic proof and also a video. I have other commitments as well and I am not always free to just travel to meet people up over an item that probably costs $12.

5) The Barbarians
I HATE dealing with rude people. Sometimes I feel that I owe them a living from the way they talk. These people are very demanding. I am working so there are times that I don't check my phone and when I open my carousell account, I would actually see them spamming with "hellos r u there? , " can u pls reply?" "hello!", "if u r not replying im leaving you a negative feedback" all within maybe an hour.  Newsflash : I have a life besides carousell. There are also some who expect orders to reach them within 2 weeks. I already said on my bio, that it takes up to 2 to 4 weeks. Most of the time, it doesn't hit four weeks but sometimes you never know if there are going to be  some delays from the shipment side. And then these people would start harassing me and saying stuffs like "I can't commit". If I could track for you the item and call the airport or some shipping company, why your items got delayed....I would. But the thing is I can't. Even if I did check with the supplier, they are just gonna tell me that "there were some delays". So no choice, you have to wait.

It is alright to ask for negotiations at times but not alright when you ask for a $10 discount. I have encountered one whereby I was selling this top for $15 and this girl wanted an $8 discount and expected me to meet her at yew tee. OH. MY. GOD. Is she kidding me? Most of the time, I will just reject their offer. And there were also times whereby I was selling a bracelet for $4 and she wanted me to sell it to her at $5 with registered mail...free of charge.
Besides the cheapskates, there are also some instances whereby I get customers who ask for stupid requests. My dad owns a carousell account as well and so he sells dvds since we no longer use a dvd player. Sometimes I just wanna laugh whenever he trolls the customers. They would ask him to take pic of the disc (this is alright) , test on the dvd player (still okay), with subtitles and she wanted every single subtitle to be tested and screenshot and sent to her. LOLOLOL. omggggg why!?!?! I cannot take it LOL

These are just based on my experiences and I know I might actually get judged for the way I treat customers but sometimes I just can't be bothered to entertain people if they are too annoying for me. I don't mind not earning that amount of money. I rather not earn than entertain a bunch of rude and proud people. If you wanna check out my items , it is : thelace on carousell.

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