What I want in a future husband


So I was taking a really long shower and I started thinking about my friends who are already married and I asked myself, what do I want in a future husband. It is cute to see that whatever requirements you want  for a future husband changes as you grow older or with experience. And as you grow older, these requirements become more realistic. Therefore I have decided to share a few pointers that I feel are important to me. Do note that not every girl is the same or pretty much has the same requirements or share the same point of view as me.And also, do note that this post is not an application form or for when you start boasting to me about your assets and stuffs guys


I do feel that if you are wanting to marry someone, you have to marry someone who has a stable job. If he is stable , you will feel secure because you know that you are still able to survive. It does not matter what status or position he holds in the company, as long as he is working and is able to provide for his future family and look after you.


Money is very important because basically you just need money to survive. Living in Singapore is expensive. If you are planning to start a family, you have to start saving up in order to provide the best you can for your child. Diapers and milk powders definitely do not come in cheap. I know majority of the guys here would probably think that girls are very money-faced and all but let me just enlighten you and give you hope that not all girls are like that. Most of us are actually working and we can pretty much fend for ourselves but I know of some who don't. So guys, good luck with that. :)


Sometimes I may be troubled at work or probably I am facing some problems and not too sure of what to do. I feel that it is important to have a supportive partner because then you will be able to look things from his point of view and also yours. Ultimately, the decision is yours to make. I would definitely not settle for a partner who likes to look down on me. If he keeps looking down on you and doesn't bring out the best in you, what for? Like the song Team from Lorde, "we're on each other's team".

Get along

I am very hot tempered so I guess someone who is able to calm me down would be an added bonus for me. I flare up easily and sometimes I may actually use words or say things that I don't mean and end up regretting it over again. So yea, someone who is able to calm down this dragon. Haha.

Does not try to change me

If you are with someone who is constantly trying to change you, then I don't see a point why you should be with someone who clearly does not seem to accept you for you. I will change when I feel like I should.

Hears me

We are living in this world where we spent almost 90% of the time stuck on our mobile devices instead of having a good conversation or perhaps spending time and appreciating nature. Sometimes when I go out, I do see couples who are just on their phones the entire time throughout their dinner date. I know I have no say or I should just mind my own business, but don't you think that is just sad? We are always on our mobiles and we tend to forget that personal human touch.Things like eye contact while talking and showing that we are really interested to listen to the other party. Some of us can even just use the phone while talking or while listening to the other party. I don't need someone who has to listen to every word that I say but at least someone whom would show respect when I am talking because I would do the same for you too.

Respect & Responsibility

This is probably too far off but I feel that my partner has to be someone whom my future children can look up to. He has to be family-oriented and knows how to look after his family because in most cultures, the male is the leader of the family. It is also a need for him to be responsible since he is the head.

.When you marry someone, you are also actually looking at the future parents of your future kids. So choose wisely and never be in a rush to marry.

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