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I am here to share with you about vaginal health and why it is very important for us as ladies to take care of our vaginas.  Let me share with you on how you can keep your vaginas clean and why it is important to keep it clean.

A healthy vagina is naturally acidic and contains rich quantities of beneficial bacteria that help fend off infections and maintain a normal pH level. A healthy vagina will also secrete small amounts of discharges in order to keep itself clean just as how we salivate in our mouths. Any interferences with these conditions, may sometimes result in vaginal irritation or infection. Therefore, it is very important that we keep our vaginas clean and healthy. 

You are what you eat so having a balanced and healthy diet is key to maintaing a healthy vaginal and reproductive health. Stuffs like cranberry juice and yoghurt can prevent yeast infestation and aids in treatment. Cranberry juice is also good for treating UTIs. Basically you would also taste better, if you know what I mean.

Practise safe sex and always use a condom if you plan on having sex. Using condoms during sex helps to protect against sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV, genital herpes, syphilis, gonorrhea, genital warts, and chlamydia.  Lubricant plays an important part during intercourse. Without it, it just really painful and very unpleasant. Vaginal lubrication naturally happens during female arousal but sometimes there are times whereby you just don't get wet enough and so...thank you lubricant!

So we have covered food and sex , but what is most important is.......................KEEPING YOUR VAGINAS CLEAN. You can definitely get vaginal washes off the shelf in most pharmacies or watsons. A happy vaginas makes a girl happy. I don't know if that ever makes sense but I do feel extra happy after that wax and a wash and slipping on some silky lingerie. It just makes you feel good to be honest.

Vagisil has been around for quite some time and their mission is to improve the intimate health of women everywhere. Their products are safe to use around the intimate areas.


So for my fellow readers and followers, Blackbox is giving away 2  Vagisil packs for my readers. In each pack, you will receive

 1. Feminine Wash Odour Control Formula 
Vagisil Feminine Wash Odour Control Formula is a hypoallergenic intimate cleansing gel-like liquid which cleanses, freshens and deodorizes the intimate area without irritation. With its unique odour-blocking formula, it leaves a fresh lasting scent for a clean and confident feel. Gynaecologist tested and hypoallergenic. Gentle enough to use daily or as a body wash.
 2. Feminine Powder 
Vagisil Feminine Powder absorbs wetness and eliminates odour and bacteria in the Vaginal area. With its unique ordour-blocking formula, it helps to prevent odour and relieves chafting. Enriched with Vitamins A, C, E & Aloe, it is safe to use on the external genital area and all over the body and has a light & fresh scent.
 3. Intimate Moisturising Lubricant
Vagisil Intimate Moisturing Lubricant is specially formulated to bring instant, long-lasting relief from uncomfortanle vaginal dryness and make intimate moments more pleasurable. It has a special non-staining formula that contains lasting moisturizers, soothing Aloe, Chamomile and Vitamin E. It is light, greaseless and formulated with a slightly acidic level that is compatible for a healthy vaginal environment.
(credits to Blackboxsg)

All you have to do is just leave me a comment on my instagram @chanellearetha or on the blog with your name, contact number and email address. I will be selecting 2 lucky readers! Winners will be announced in Mid July ! Good luck!

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  1. Hey great post! I didn't actually know there's even powder to be use for vagina area to help making them healthy! Learnt something new today! Thanks for the short insight! Ps: Pineapple helps in making one taste nice as well ;)
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    1. HAHAHA! Cool stuffs right. Yay to clean vaginas ! haha!