#don'tjudgechallenge.....ha..fuck you


Ha....#dontjudgechallenge.....the irony of it....irks me.

So as most of you may know, this whole #dontjudgechallenge is trending almost everywhere. If you aren't familiar with it, you can go youtube it or just scroll through your newsfeed....you will find such a thing. If you are using instagram then just #dontjudgechallenge.

I believed that the intention for #dontjudgechallenge was for a good cause but lately, I do feel that it is getting more and more annoying because people are abusing it and just using it to show how hot they are.( well if that is the whole idea then, YOU NEED TO GO AND PRAY RIGHT NOW BECAUSE YOU ARE TOO IN LOVE WITH YOURSELF) The #dontjudgechallenge can pretty much be applied everywhere. For example in Singapore, you probably would have heard..."BOY...DONT RUN AROUND AH. LATER AHPUNEHNEH CATCH YOU" when you see an old lady in her late 50s or 60s scolding her grandson if he runs around. Ahpunehneh is not a nice word in fact it is very rude and it basically means Indian man in case you are not familiar with the Singaporean Lingos.. Just look at that example. You have that registered in a 5 year old kid's head and maybe in future when he grows up, he will just start being racist and linking every single Indian dude to someone who might kidnap him.

The whole idea of the #dontjudgechallenge is to not judge someone before you even know them. However, we have a bunch of really cocky people who are just abusing it.

Dear cocky low self esteem people, let me just say that if someone actually had a unibrow, bad acne, facial hair or whatever.....who the fuck are you to even judge? Who are you to actually determine beauty standards? Honestly, I have never met anyone who has all of those above taking photos and all. They probably are a group of people who don't mix with others because they feel like they don't belong and are probably often left out because no one wants to be associated with them. You know, thanks to you, you just made all of them feel shitty about themselves because you are actually making fun of them. And can I just add on that some of these challenges, the makeup and all that you are doing to "uglify" yourself....is just TOO EXAGGERATVE. Like I've seen one whereby this girl...she drew 5 lines pointing out to different directions from her eyebrow. How the hell is that even real? Do you actually see someone doing that? If you mean #dontjudgechallenge as in #iamcrazybutboomimsohotnow then fine do it. But nobody in this fucking world actually looks like that. However if it were Kendall Jenner or whoever that rocks the 5 lines pointing out from eyebrow thingy, everyone would be like "OMG THAT IS SO ARTSY. OMG I TOTALLY NEED TO DO THAT".  Society, double standards.

See this is the problem with society. We are all blinded by what we see on the magazines and what we think is perfect but we just end up getting ourselves lost and trying to be something or rather someone we are not. We are too consumed by the idea that if we are good looking, people would like us. Well that is partly true..but you know what actually makes people stay? Your attitude. You can be really pretty or handsome on the outside, but if you are ugly on the inside. No one wants to stay with you. No one wants to suck it up and be near you.

No one wants to have bad acne. No one wishes to have thick bushy eyebrows growing in all directions. No one wants to have holes in their teeth. No one wants to have really crazy hair. No one. Everyone wants to look good because then they will feel good.But how can you make someone feel good about themselves if you are constantly picking on them? Just because you think that they are "imperfections" , it doesn't mean that everyone sees things the way you see them. And come on, having acne and all...is something that we can't prevent from happening. Sometimes it is just genetics.

Dear already good looking people,
Learn to be happy with what you have. I bet if I asked some of you to show me pictures of you when you were younger, you would probably feel embarrassed as well. Didn't most of us ladies had like really bad messy eyebrows when we were younger?

Honestly from the way I see it, I just feel like most of the people whom did that challenge are just a a bunch of people who just need to have their egos stroked and just fishing for compliments. Yes, I am aware that I do act all fangirl when my friends tagged me at some of these challenges but after a while, I am pretty much turned off by how vain these guys are. Ha..to actually have the time to do that challenge. Wow, I am pretty impressed by all the effort you took to make yourself look ugly and then hot. The girls... well hunneh, let me just say that if you hadn't had any plastic done, I am sure as hell you wouldn't even do the challenge. Believe me.

Not cool.


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