For my fellow Singaporeans, foreigners and whoever that is residing in Singapore, I am sure that you are very well experienced when it comes to facing a train disruption. If you are a tourist here and you were one of those who were affected by Tuesday's train disruption, lemme just give you a warm welcome to our beautiful clean and green country that is almost hitting 50 this August.

Majority of us take trains to work or school because having a car is not that cheap. We depend a lot on trains to get to wherever we want.At first, I was one of those who were annoyed by the fact that it was getting more and more frequent for our trains to disrupt and most of the time these disruptions happen during peak hours. I can totally accept that our trains disrupt time over time but I do feel that it shouldn't have a disruption especially during peak hours because all of us would want to get home as soon as possible after a long day at work. Imagine if you had a shitty day in the office and just when you thought that you can come home to your wife or cat or dog or to catch up on that sitcom, the train disrupts. So here are a few things that you can do or rather be positive about if you are caught in that disruption again.


The trains are not going to start moving so quickly anywhere so might as well be a food explorer and just look for food. I have been in Singapore for a really long time but there are still places that I have yet to discover. You are probably thinking "what the hell Chanelle, GO OUT AND DISCOVER right after work?!". Well, just go and eat seriously. Food makes me  happy , food makes you happy ....FOOD MAKES EVERYONE HAPPY and by the time you are done with your meal, the trains would probably have started working or the crowds would have at least subsided though I feel that will never happen.

Sometimes when you are caught in times of crisis, that is when you start making friends with the people next to you because you are stuck in that situation. Bitching and complaining makes people come closer anyway. If you are a guy and you have been noticing the girl next to you, THIS IS YOUR CHANCE TO ACTUALLY TALK. I know sometimes train conversations can be awkward and people don't normally approach one another on the train except for a few trying to keep an eye contact with you kinda thing. If you are a guy, you can probably just complain a little and turn to her and complain a bit. A BIT, NOT A LOT. And then just casually ask her where she is heading or whatever and if you know an alternative, then offer it to her. This could also work if you were at first annoyed with her flipping her hair at your face. Offer a WRONG alternative to her. HEH HEH HEH *evil laugh*

Ugh I can't stand going on dates if it is too quiet or if the guy doesn't talk much. I would say that I do actually talk a lot but probably get really quiet when I am annoyed or pissed off. So if you put me with an introvert....Wa I cannot. I would think that having a train disruption during a first date can be like a "last chance to impress me" sort of thingy. The reason is because you get to spend more time together in a middle of a crisis. So just keep talking and trying to find alternatives or do things together. If you are looking for a lifetime partner, YOU WANT SOMEONE YOU CAN DEPEND ON. THEREFORE.....this disruption is like a test of your relationship or whether you want to see that person again. 

So you have been taking the same route over and over again but now, you can think of other ways to get home or to get to wherever you want to go! 

Well I hope you had a good laugh, reading all of these even though its a -_- sorta thing but whatever k, bye.

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