Hi, It has been quite some time since I last updated this space.
Today's blogpost would be a little bit interesting or rather I would be receiving comments from people who would be telling me

"You will not think this way if you have one in future"
"You will have a lot of babies in the end"
" But they are kids what"
"If kids bother you so much then just go lock yourself up in the room"

But I am still gonna rant anyway.

I am not good with children. I tend to get really annoyed and freaked out by the idea of children. I guess it is because most of the time, when I think of children...I think of babies wailing or even children just running around and banging into me. I wouldn't say that I hate children but I just don't like them. I get frustrated with children when I go out. I don't really blame them actually but more like I blame their parents for not being able to educate their children between what is home and what is a public place. I hate it when I am outside and children just start running around and obviously oblivious to their surroundings. And what happens if they bang into a stranger, their parents would be the one scolding the strangers and defending their poor offsprings without knowing exactly what happened.

I don't understand how some parents are totally fine with their children running around in a restaurant. You have waiters bringing food in and out, clearing tables etc. But what if your child bangs into one of the waiter who was probably bringing a big bowl of mushroom soup? Would you blame the waiter as well and sue the restaurant ? From what I have encountered and seen so far,I think yes. Most parents would do that. I just have this opinion that if you are a GOOD PARENT, you would have taught your kids how to behave when they are at home and how they are supposed to behave when they are outside. Unfortunately, these days...most of the comments I heard from parents are..."Well, they are children. What do you expect?". I mean I know they are children but can't you educate them or something? A restaurant is not a playground.

However the one that annoys me the most is when children start screaming and crying in a restaurant. I am the sort who don't actually talk much when I am eating. Just basic table manners. So when I hear a sharp shriek from a kid, I just get really pissed off. What is worst is when I look around to find out where the noise is coming from and I see the two parents just carrying on with their meals and not telling the kid to shut the fuck up or doing their best to stop the baby from crying. I know they are kids but can't you at least use some common sense? All I want is to have a peaceful dinner with my loved ones but no, your kid just have to start crying over I donno whatever the cause is. No one is interested to listen to your kid's wails.

I guess at the end of the day, parents are role models to a kid therefore, if your kid misbehaves in public and is not punished... well it comes to show what kind of person you really are.

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