So you have a hot date and you really wanna "SCORE".
Here are a few things for you that you can do to make a lasting and winning impression.

  • Act like you don't know anything
  • End every conversation with "would you like fries to go with that?"
  • Play Candy Crush or PVZ on loud
  • Pay for meals using coins
  • When you guys are buying ice-cream or llao llao, and he asks you what topping you want? Just sing "IM IN LOVE WITH THE KOKO"
  • Get distracted every 5 seconds
  • Have an anxiety attack when he asks you what you wanna eat
  • Pull his ear 
  • Shake your leg
  • Talk about how obsessed you are with Taylor Swift
  • When you see him for the first time just shout "OMG YOU LOOK LIKE MY NEXT MISTAKE. LOVE'S A GAME WANNA PLAY?"
  • Talk about your ex boyfriend all the time
  • Eat his food. All you have to do is "mmmm yours look good, can i have some?" and just keep on trying and finish it all up without being obvious
  • Get lost on a first date
  • Don't rely on your GPS for directions
  • Tell him/her that you want to walk three bus stops away from your home
  • Get couple seats for movies and leave the partner with just 1/4 space
  • Get popcorns and don't share it with them
  • Keep going to the toilet
  • Talk about your favourite celebrity crush and fangirl/fanboy every 10 seconds
  • Before you say your goodbyes, ask them where they live. Like exact location. If they ask why, just tell them that you will surprise them if you don't get a text from them 

Your Welcome

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