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4th August 2015.  As of now, I would somehow feel that most of us human beings would at least have a brain to think and have a heart but that isn't always the case. Let's just say that I am actually losing faith in humanity.

In light of the recent illegal poachings and the death of Cecil the Lion, I was pretty much disgusted by the fact that killing animals were pretty much seen as a sport for some people. Rich man's sport. But I don't get what these people like Walter Palmer feel from killing these innocent animals. What do you feel ? Do you feel satisfaction? How are you even able to look at an animal who probably is too weak to defend itself and just kill it? What has the lion done to you? It does feel like you are the beast instead of the lion. A lion kills for its food or when it feels threatened or harmed. But people like Walter just kill it for the fun of it. I can't picture being in a room filled with the heads of dead animals hanging from the wall. They don't deserve this and you have no rights to harm an animal unless it was attacking you. 

There are some who have a different view towards this. Some who questioned why make this such a big issue when there are actually people out there who are harming children but not hated over the internet. Some who feel that this piece of news is just irrelevant. But whatever your views are, one thing is the same. We are humans but we are not humane enough. It makes no difference if you were to abuse a child, a pet or even an animal. You are still a sick person because you pick on someone or something that is innocent just for the fun of it. You are a sadist. You don't deserve to be human. You are pretty much a spawn of the devil. 

#ripcecilthelion and may you find a happier place in lion kingdom.

And then, I see articles such as this.

In this case , a female leopard was brutally attacked by villagers and then cut out and cremated. Here is the link to the article (http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3182965/Leopard-injured-five-villagers-India-beaten-death-sticks-cremated.html?ito=social-facebook)
And once more we have two different views. 

One of which is about how the villagers had to resort to doing them in order to defend itself while another view is about how the villagers shouldn't have killed the leopard as it was being an animal.

Yes, I do agree that the villagers have to protect themselves and their children but they shouldn't have killed the leopard in such a manner. I believe that every country would probably have their own animal protection or at least have a government body or someone whom is able to trap the animal and then bring it to a zoo or something. I just feel that there is other more humane alternatives that could have been taken instead of attacking it with axes and sticks and then burn it.The human population is constantly growing and with that, we need to clear more lands in order to make and build new houses for people. But as we clear the lands, we are actually taking up the habitats of some of these animals. Put yourself in the leopard's paws for once. How would you feel if you were the leopard? You would probably be very scared, confused and curious. Throughout your whole entire life, you have never seen a human being before and suddenly there are so many of them. Because of the clearing of land, it may have also caused your prey to just leave the area and so you need to hunt for food but you came across the village. The villagers try to scare you. You are already confused with what is going on and you find yourself cornered and then attacked.  An animal does not know anything. An animal behaves in such a manner because that is what they are. They are not given a brain like us to think. They don't know what they are doing and I don't blame them for attacking human beings because sometimes I do feel that it is us humans whom are actually looking for trouble. 

For example

Here we have a case of a family happily kayaking in the waters of Sungei Buloh. Obviously, you would know that there are crocodiles in these waters. Look at the man who happily puts his leg into the water. If really there was an attack, are people going to actually kill the crocodiles for attacking them? This is exactly what I mean by looking for trouble. You are entering the animal's habitat. What rights do you have to kill it if it attacks you when you are the intruder? 

In conclusion to this post,  I just want you to imagine this. Imagine if our roles were switched. We are the animals and we are being hunted for fun. Animals kill us for fun, for trophies...for moneys. The animals then leave us to suffer for 40hours before they finally chop our heads off and hang it in their room of death. Imagine a room with lots of human heads stuck on walls. How do you feel about that?

(photo credits to : http://www.the-open-mind.com/what-if-animals-treated-us-how-we-treat-them/)

I know I may sound like a hypocrite to myself because even I eat meat. Well, I am actually trying to eat more vegetables instead of meat. I wouldn't say that I would want to be a vegetarian but I am just trying to reduce the number of animals that I am eating.....if that ever makes sense. LOL. I only take beef, chicken or fish so I feel that is good enough and my portion of vegetables is more as compared to meat. And most of the time, I am actually consuming Halal meat which is meat obtained from an animal that is  killed in a humane way. The animals are slaughtered in a way that causes less suffering to them. 

I do apologize for the rather long rant but thank you for reading. :)

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