I was on the way to work today and I was in a Taylor Swift mode so I selected the Taylor Swift playlist to start my morning on my mp3 player. As I was listening to her songs, there is always an image of a particular guy through the different songs. Obviously, her songs are relatable for most of us out there but I guess these are the 10 songs which I feel that pretty much summarises my complicated love life.

Teardrops on my guitar

Teardrops on my guitar takes me back to 2008 when I was just a first year student in NYP. I got to know of this guy, let's just name him 'D'. So D was from a business course whereas I was doing my engineering course.I was more like his close girl pal. We shared so many happy memories with each other and he felt so comfortable with me that he would tell me of his dates and the girls he was crushing on. I did feel sad and there were a few moments of "I wish I was her". I don't know why but even though it made me feel upset, I wanted to know more about him and the girl.I was always pretending to be excited and tease him occasionally when we bump into each other at school and "Heyy so how was your hot date?" with the raising eyebrows. Eventually, he got together with the girl and the part that got me sad was when he didn't told me about it directly, so I was more or less the last to know. I am not the type who would normally confess my feelings to a guy. And this trait of mine, hasn't really changed...up till today.

White Horse

I am very naive and gullible when it comes to love. I would always want to see the best out of my love and refuse to believe rumors of my then boyfriend. We had mutual friends and some of them would tell me that he was cheating on me but I refused to confront him. I didn't want to because I didn't want to start a fight with him. Don't judge me, I was only 17. I honestly thought that he was an honest person and that he wouldn't hurt me. I pretty much gave in to him all the time. I was working as a part-time waitress then and he was always asking me for money. Because I was young and I wanted him to stay, I would very willingly give him the money that I've earned. I was willing to travel from one end of Singapore to the other just to see him and get him breakfast.Eventually, one day I caught him with another girl in bed and I was really devastated. I was supposed to surprise him with breakfast but all I saw was just the other girl and him together in a  doggy position. I remember running home just crying. I felt so stupid and I threw everything that reminded me of him the next day.


It was on a Valentine's Day when I met this guy. It was our first meetup and I remember baking cranberry cookies for him. I sucked at baking but I did it anyway. The first date was spent being on the upper level of Scape with monopoly deal and redbull. Just lazing and getting to know each other. It was a nice date, I would say. Eventually he got me a fake rose from Daiso because according to him, the flower will not die. It was really sweet. So you could say I was pretty "enchanted" to meet him and yes, I was always hoping that he wasn't in love with anyone else.

You belong with me

In 2009, I met this guy and we hung out and it was a sort of complicated friendship in a way. We were both single but we were "dating" on and off. Just seeing each other. He was still in love with his ex girlfriend and I was probably just a spare tyre to him then now that I think about it. Like the guy in "teardrops for my guitar", I was always listening to him talking about his ex girlfriend. Most of the time, he was actually complaining about how much of a bitch she was to him but eventually, he still loved her and they patched together. The girl was a definite 10/10 in my opinion. Perfect body, beach wavy hair and was always in tank and booty shorts. She was just that attractive. However, according to the stories he told me, she was more of those unappreciative sort of girl. And I was always the one who tried to give him support and to make him feel better and cheer him up. A while later,  they broke up again but I didn't had anymore feelings for him. So yeah dude, "Hey, what you doing with a girl like that"

Back to December

I do believe that every girl probably has an image of someone when she listens to this song. The "nice guy" whom we have either rejected or whose hearts we have broke. You were pretty much selfish back then and he was just there for you but you failed to see it. Then fast forward to a few dates or months, you began to realise that you wouldn't be able to find someone who treats you that well as Mr December. You broke his heart and you start to feel regret. Somehow or rather, you wish you hadn't taken them for granted. I remember and think of all the guys whom I have more or less friendzoned and I admit that I am one of the few who are always like "sigh where are all the nice guys" but when someone nice comes, I am just avoiding or distancing myself. Women are pretty confusing creatures.

I knew you were trouble

The bad boy you were not supposed to fall for. He is one of a local singer here and so he always had a lot of girls around him. I told myself so many times that no, I shouldn't fall for him but eventually I did. He was not the committed sort and he was pretty cheeky. It also sucks that I was often smittened by his smile and his flirtatious remarks and it was so easy to make me weak because he would sometimes call me up and start playing his guitar and BAM, just like that I am sucked into a tornado of emotions that I could have avoided but refused not to. One moment, I will be "nonono...bad idea...gonna get hurt" and then when you see him, you just melt in your knees. Eventually, you got your heart broken ....willingly.... because heh, you already knew he was a heartbreaker but still choose to like him. Girl, was it worth it.... no. It's not. 

We are never ever getting back together

Ever had that one particular ex who makes you just feel like "OMG WAS I DRUNK THROUGHOUT THE ENTIRE RELATIONSHIP?" but at the same time you have considered getting back together but then you guys break up again and like you know it will just not work out because you are sick of his childish antics and there was no common understanding between the two of you. My ex was that sort. He still hates me up till today I think and his friends all hate me but they don't know the real story. They probably still bitch about me but let me just say that, whatever you are hearing is just his side of the story. See, that is why I don't like it when friends are involved in a relationship. It just makes things worst and you just get people hating you for no reason. The reason we broke up was because I was getting sick of the quarrells and I just wanted to take a break from relationships and wanted to focus on my study. I don't think that was a bitchy thing to do. I mean hey, at least I didnt say that AND THEN stepped into another relationship with another guy within a month. Dude, please. Don't.


This is my most favourite song out of all the Taylor Swifts song. This song pretty much summarises how I feel towards one of my exes. haha, no surprises for guessing who. I guess it is pretty obvious. I mean he is pretty good looking and when we were together, there were a few times that I find myself checking him out even though he was already my boyfriend. I always loved him in white. We're both really vain people and we are always dressed up. It was nice to find a partner who was like just We never go out of style. I feel that we were then perfectly matched. We liked each others "style" but unfortunately, our relationship got to an end 

Blank space

As of now, I guess blank space would be an appropriate song to describe how my love life is like. It is just meeting new people , going on dates and just "playing" along."Saw you there and I thought oh my god Look at that face, you look like my next mistake" Seriously though, that's what goes through my head when I am on dates. You don't really know what would happen and majority are just playing. You just get unsure and tired of dating and relationships and playing. You don't know if they are serious but you are just going along with whatever flow they have set for you. To sum it all up, at the end of the dates...I am just like " So it's gonna be forever Or it's gonna go down in flames

You can tell me when it's over If the high was worth the pain"

Love Story

After dating the troubles and filling up blank spaces and picking up new styles, I would want my love life to end on a happier note which is why I saved "Love Story" to be the last. Romeo O Romeo, where art thou?

Well it is pretty fortunate so far that there is no "Bad Blood" so far in my love life. I wouldn't want that to happen anyway haha! 

So there you have it my love life explained in 10 taylor swift songs. Sigh, after typing all these...I wish I had tickets to go see her perform. It is gonna be spectacular and omg I wonder who is going to be the special guest?! 

Damn it exams, why you gotta be on the 9/11/15! :C

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