AD : Althea Singapore


I have something special for my fellow Korean Cosmetics Lovers! 
Let me introduce you to this new E-Store dedicated specially for anyone who is a hardcore fan of Korean Makeup...

Althea Singapore is a new E-Store that allows you to purchase any Korean cosmetics from a wide range of variety such as Etude House, too cool for school , skinfood , innisfree , Holika Holika, 3Ce and everything else! The website is very user friendly and the products are guranteed 100% authentic!

(website images credit to AltheaSingapore)

I was credited $60SGD to spend but I decided to get a few more items therefore I paid an additional $25. My orders were shipped and sent rather quickly to me and I couldn't wait to unbox it. As you can see, the items were all packed very nicely and bubblewrapped. For me, it is very important that makeup products, especially, are bubblewrapped so that they will reach the customer in good condition. Who wants a box of broken makeup products right?

Overall I have to say that I was very pleased with the service as well. Even though Singapore has some of the brands listed, there are some products that you can't exactly find in our local stores except for in Korea. Heh, now I don't need to go to Korea to get my cosmetics.

Now let's get to the fun part.

  •  S$10 credits for new sign ups (until 30th Sept 2015)
  •  Daebak Deal! (Jackpot deal) a 1+1 (buy 1 free 1) on a popular item for 3 days
  •  Mystery Deabak promotions

happy shopping <3

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