Beauty, Food and Sex


This post is mainly for the girls or boys or whoever who wants to give a shit about beauty , food and sex.

Disclaimer : This is not a sponsored post and most of the reviews done here are based on my experience.

As a teenager, I did not really have a very smooth complexion and I was constantly having breakouts but it all cleared up right after I went to poly. Honestly, it is easy to keep yourself clean and hygienic and have good skin as long as you have plenty of water and you do not touch your face unnecessarily and only touch them after you have washed your hands thoroughly. Getting enough sleep for yourself will also do so much for your skin however, you and I , we both know it is pretty impossible to get at least 8 hours of sleep for every weekday nights. Even if we do, our definition of 8 hours of sleep would more or less be like from 3am to 11am the next morning. Our skin repairs itself at night because it is when the skin renewal rate is higher and the skin becomes more receptive to active ingredients. If you are sleeping in an air-conditioned environment like me, always use a moisturizer as being in an AC room might leave your skin dry the next morning.

My night time regime consists of

Nano Hyaluron Collagen

I have been drinking this for a few months now. I like to mix it with my Cadbury Hot Chocolate.So milky and delish. I feel that it is important to start taking collagen and other supplements so that your skin will still be in good condition when you are old. Some of the side effects that I have experienced was that my menstrual cramps weren't that bad as compared to before. My period has always been regular so no side effects on that part. I do feel that my breasts were much softer and firmer now. Haha, it kinda feels fuller now. Complexion wise has been really good. My pores on my nose aren't as huge as they were before. If you like to try this, you may get this from qoo10 or from rakuten. It is selling at about $38.90 per tin. You have to drink this every night and the results vary from people to people. I started seeing results after 2 weeks or so. I have tried other collagen brand drinks and I feel that the fishy smell is too strong for me but for this, it is much easier for me to consume. It is probably also because it is in a powdery form so you can't really smell it.

Fresh Sugar Rose Lip Treatment

I received a miniature Fresh Sugar Rose Lip Treatment when I was shopping at Sephora. I honestly love getting samples to try so that I am able to consider a lot before I  commit to a product. The full sized of the fresh sugar rose lip treatment is about $30.90 so when I went to Sephora again, it was on 20% storewide so I decided to get this as well.The Fresh Sugar Rose Lip Treatment eventually became one of my holygrails.It truly is moisturizing and for someone like me, who always puts on lipstick, lipstain and what not...I do feel that the product pampers my lips right after a long day of wearing lipstick. Sometimes, wearing lipstick for very long hours may result in dryness and your lips to crack. When I first tried, I fell in love with how soft and how well the product smelled. However, the product is too soft that sometimes I would need to put it in the refrigerator to get it hard again otherwise it might just break halfway. Normally what I would do is to do my diy sugar lip scrub ( I remember doing a post of this before) and then applying a layer of this lipbalm before going to bed.
In the morning, I would use a "kids" sized toothbrush and just exfoliate my lips again so that it is soft.

Castor Oil

I love experimenting and reading up on beauty products. I used to put on fake eyelashes all the time when I was in poly and sometimes putting on and removing them may be a bitch and at the same time you may accidentally pull your real lashes off.  In order to nourish and strengthen and lengthen them, I use castor oil. I apply a thin layer of castor oil on the base of my eyelashes. You can get castor oil from Dyon , a beauty shop at Scape. Basically , you can get anything you want at Dyon at a really good pricing.

Hand Sanitizer
They even have bath and bodyworks scented hand sanitizer. I am not sure if those are real or fake but I tend to sanitize my hand a lot when I am on trains or after I am done eating something which involves my finger. Anyway, this part is probably too much info but girls, you know how sometimes some guys are obsessed with the smell of vaginas after they finger you and you don't feel comfortable, you can just sanitize his hands for him. I just find it odd that some guys actually love the smell but....I feel that it is just..really odd. I don't know man but sometimes I feel people do stupid things when they are horny and eew yuck, how can you not wash your hands after putting your fingers into a vagina?


The cheapest miracle ever is to just keep yourself hydrated and drinking plenty of water. Sometimes I forget to drink water as well and then I will feel guilty. Drinking plenty of water makes a really big difference for your face and overall health. My eyes don't feel that dry despite long hours of wearing contact lenses and I do feel that my skin is well hydrated. But sometimes drinking alone doesn't help to keep your skin hydrated.

Olay Aquaction Softening Sleeping Mask

Before this I was actually using Nuxe's Anti Fatigue Moisturizing Cream but I decided to stop as it was too pricey for me. $72 per tub. Therefore, I decided to change to this one from Olay which is selling at almost half the price. The texture of it is really smooth and the smell is not too overwhelming for me which is good. Honestly, the best part about this product is the washing off part in the morning. My skin feel superbly moisturized and bouncy. I just love it so much. I have become too dependent on this that even if I am feeling really sleepy and have not done my nighttime facial regime, I just can't go to bed. Yes, that is how reliant I am on this product.

The other stuffs that I use

 Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is a very good alternative if you have run out of makeup removers. It is very convenient to remove waterproof mascara with this and you don't need to keep tugging at your lashes to remove them completely. Like the castor oil, you can also get this from Dyon at Scape.  Coconut oil has so many benefits. You can use it to soften your skin or for your hair. If you want to apply it on your hair, you could probably take a little and just apply it on the ends.

Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe Vera is another natural ingredient that is good to soothe any skin  irritation or  if you have flaky scalps. It is very therapeutic and haha I love the cooling sensation actually. Etude House is selling this tub of aloe vera gel for about $8. I feel that it is much cheaper as compared to some of the aloe vera gel tubes which is selling at about what....$13.90 per tube?  So now you know where to get them yeah... *smirks*


I only recently started consuming Manuka Honey. I've read a lot about the benefits of it. So...I guess I will leave this part as to when I actually start seeing results on myself.

So basically, you are what you eat and I know that there are some habits that need to die. I know it sounds ironic because I do smoke at times but I am actually not that dependent on them anymore. Anyway, I wasn't hooked to cigarettes from the start. I was more of a social smoker but it is definitely a good habit to kick away.


As for food, I tend to stay away from fried fish or fried chicken. I tend to limit myself to 1 fried chicken if we are talking about a 2piece KFC meal because I just feel that the oil and chicken skin can be too nauseating and too much for me to handle. Oohh but I love honey glazed chicken wings. But generally, grilled fish and chicken is always a better alternative.

I am very picky when it comes to vegetables. I only eat them if they are cooked on the spot or served on the spot. I eat any type of vegetables but my favourite is definitely spinach and asparagus. Mmmmm I can just imagine a plate of asparagus and salmon and rice right now. <3 So much love.

I only take white chocolate or milk chocolate. hahaha, I know that there is a debate over whether white chocolate is indeed chocolate or not but who cares, I just love it. *Hints for guys who intend to get me chocolates : Only White Chocolates

I do love my fruits as well. Strawberries, watermelons and pineapples especially. I love fruit salads they make me happy.

Lastly, I always drink milk. I tend to drink at least 1 cup each day. Well I am skinny and people are always telling me that if I fall, I am going to break a lot of bones but no, thou shall not crumble for thou is consuming milk each day err day. And oooo I only love Meiji's Fresh Milk. Sooooo good and creamy. But sometimes, the supermarket near my place runs out of Meiji, so we switch to Marigold at times but...Meiji hands down.

Hahah I am definitely obsessed with Japanese branded chips and milk. LOL. If you know me well, you know my love for Jagabee. Can't wait to go to Japan.

It is always good to have Yakult in the fridge.  I used to have constipation and now everything is better because I have been consuming yakult every 2 days. It helps with digestion and it makes pooping so much easier and fast. Constipation is really dangerous because you might develop piles when you are trying to force the poop out. It could also be as a result of not going to the toilet to poop when you have to and probably lack of water. I always feel like I am about to pass out or like my soul is leaving my body when I used to have constipation. It was that torturous for me...but now yay, I am no longer full of shit (pun intended).

I know sometimes it may be a challenge to take care of yourself because sometimes we are all too busy to actually bother and ponder of the decisions that we make. However, staying healthy must always be a priority because if you aren't healthy, there are so many things out there that you can't do.


As much as I always talk about sex and also post some "naughty" or rather "explicit" photos, I am definitely not someone who goes around sleeping with guys because I do not want to get myself pregnant unexpectedly, I am more of an "I love you" sort of sex person so casual sex is pretty much a nono for me and I don't want to contract STDs. Basically I am just picky of who I have sex with and I like to treasure the moment when I am having sex with someone. I do have friends who somehow got someone pregnant or like got themselves pregnant but they don't know who is the dad. I don't look down on them but somehow I feel sad whenever I hear that happens to a friend or someone who I know. No doubt, it is better being a young parent because then you will be able to have a smaller age gap with your kids but let's be honest and real here, raising a kid in Singapore is not cheap. There are so many things to consider and if you don't know who the father of your kid is....well isn't that some shit?

If  you are sexually active , then it is better to get contraceptive pills so that it reduces the chance of you getting preggers. Keep track of your monthly menstrual cycle and if you feel that something is wrong, girl you better get your pregnancy test kit. LOL
If you are the forgetful sort and forget to take your pills , it is much better to get the Implanon.

What is an implanon?

An implanon is a match-stick like rod that is inserted under the arm to avoid pregnancy.It can last you for about 2years. Like the contraceptive birth pills, you will also be facing some side effects.

(Note :Before you consider getting birth control pills or the implanon, it is better for you to seek the advise from a Doctor )

 I know guys don't really enjoy putting on the condom but if a guy respects you and is a gentleman then yes he would put it on even though it probably doesn't feel as good as without the condom.

Some of us have a higher sex drive as compared to others so if you are also sexually active and always changing partners, it is better if you have yourself checked for any sexually transmitted diseases. Some of these STDs are hard to detect and you may not know that you have them unless you get yourself checked at the doctors.

If all else fails then just get yourself a sex toy and lubricant. :)

With that I shall end today's post. :) Have a good one

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