General Elections 2015 (just my pov)


I am just chilling here with my Jagabee and I moved my lazy ass up from my bed just to talk about this.

I am just a normal 24 year old living in Singapore. I never really had an interest when it comes to politics however I just felt the need to voice out after the General Elections results were announced and after I came across posts or rather rants of people who were unhappy with the results.

I had enough of all the bullshit talk and hate and the "WA WIN LIAO LOR ALL LAST MIN BACK OUT"

Well for those who are unhappy, TOO BAD. LIVE WITH IT.

And if you are still unhappy and continue hating, well go fucking migrate somewhere else.

If you really really unhappy , then go start your own opposition party. I shall see what you have to say

You know, I may only be 24 years old and be clueless about everything. Yes, like you I am also unhappy with the fact that we have too many foreigners here in our island and the constant MRT breakdowns. But you know what, I am thankful still for everything that I have here because I feel very well taken care of by our government.

Despite the recent cases of murders and robberies or whatever, Singapore is still relatively safe. We can all use our smartphones almost anywhere in Singapore and pretty much go home safe and sound even after partying till 5 in the morning. I remember how scared I felt to actually use my iPhone while I was in Malaysia because I feared that I would get robbed.

Every morning , we wake up and go to the toilet to brush our teeth. We open the tap and we get clean water. Some countries don't even get clean water. They probably get their water from rivers. Do you know how sad and scary that is?  Can you imagine if your daughter or parents were thirsty and they decided to go to the river to get some water only to then be attacked by a 3m crocodile ? Do you know how dirty the water is?

Basically all in all, what I am trying to say is that we should start being appreciative of what we have now. Singapore has been taken care of very well by our government. It would not have been possible if we had a very corruptive government. I know that there are so many things that we are unhappy about but don't you all think that our country has been very well managed and taken care of? I really feel safe living in Singapore. We go to bed soundly without fearing that people are going to bomb us.
I know you guys are like "wa welcome 6.9million population and increase in gst, well bo bian. You rant also no use what." So just stop complaining.

So seriously, just shut the fuck up with all the hate and the rant. The decision has been made and it is final. You know why they are two-faced voters? It is because at the end of the day, people are afraid of change. We are so used to _______ . No matter what, we already have put in our trust to them since day 1. Maybe those two-faced voters are afraid that the opposition party can't deliver their promises which is why the sudden change of hearts when they have to make a decision.

"Walk the walk, Talk the talk"
Eventually all of us want someone who is able to deliver whatever they say they will.

And with that, I would like to conclude my 2 cents worth of thoughts regarding the results of the Elections today. Congratulations (not to sure if this is appropriate but nonetheless) to all of the winning parties in the different GRCs and may we strive together towards a better Singapore for all of us.

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