If I could turn back time


As a teenager, I was always impatient to grow up.
I just wanted to get done with school and just work and earn lots of money and just spend.

However now that I am going to hit my mid twenties soon, things are not exactly as what they seem.
In fact, I wish I was still a teenager. Maybe 18 and trying to juggle school , part time job and maybe get a CCA.

One day I got bored and decided to just insta-hop. basically, I insta-hopped onto a few accounts and most of the girls were probably below 18 but they were dressed like they were in their twenties or something. I mean I am not judging on them , dissing them or anything but just you know..have one of those "sheesh why do you wanna grow up so quickly?" When I was 16, I was clueless about makeup. I didn't know how to blend my eyeshadows, draw a line my eyes decently or even dressed properly. So I thought about it for a while and thought of this topic. I guess it is one of those topics that you probably don't wonder about but if someone asks you, you'd probably pause for a while and think. So here are some of my "if I could turn back time , what would I do" kind of situations

1) Study hard
I kind of regretted not putting in a lot of effort and was always settling for a "pass can already". That sort of mindset does not get you anywhere honestly. If you want something you have to go for it and put in all your efforts, heart and soul into it. I wanted to be a radio dj or maybe a journalist or a reporter. Something related to mass communications because I really love English and it was one of my favourite subjects in school. Even though I managed to get an A for my English during my O levels, my cut off point was a little too high than the requirements of the Mass Comm Study at NP.

2) Losing Virginity
Losing your virginity because of pressure is probably one of the stupidiest thing ever. Back then, everyone around me was losing it and it seemed like an in thing and you are considered a noob if you haven't done it. I wished I had kept it till I was older or maybe when I was with someone who was worth losing it to. Honestly, I don't mind being a Unicorn. Even though, sometimes guys are all like "But you wont be good in bed". I guess if your partner really loves you for you, he should be accepting you whether your bedroom skills are good or not. If he thinks you are lousy and wants to leave you, then just let him be. Afterall, you are doing yourself a favour by letting him go because you don't need that kind of man in your life

3) Put yourself before others
I am someone who always put others before myself but I realised that I was unhappy. I felt that I was taken for granted and I wasn't able to say "No" to people. Always giving in to their demands and doing things which probably didn't benefit me at all or made me feel happy.

4) Friends
Friends are people whom you would treat as your "siblings". In my schooling days, I did feel that some of my friends are fake and there is always a competition to be better than the other party. One time I had a convo with my secondary school friend, and she thought I was bragging about going to poly when in fact I didn't. She then decided to unfriend me and delete me all over her social network medias and only cares about her boyfriend. You know what, I don't need such friends like her. Don't you think it is stupid to just throw away a friendship just because you got your boyfriend?
I was again always giving in to them and agreeing whatever they say because maybe they were right. But then again, we were always in a huge social circle and everyone is agreeing with that friend so most of the time I have no say.I wouldn't say the problem lies with me because if it indeed it, then I probably wouldn't have friends now. Thankfully we are no longer on talking terms because we are just too different. So , maybe I should have been more careful when selecting friends.

5) Quarrelling with parents
I would always argue and quarrell with my parents. I don't even remember why we would argue but often than not, it is about something really small. As I grow older, I find myself getting more lazy to argue with them mainly because my parents are getting old and I just didn't want to come home to a naggy mother.


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