Staycation + D&D


So over the weekends, my friends and I had booked a room over at Bay Hotel as we were having our usual Dinner and Dance at RWS Sentosa. The room was just soso I guess. Not really a fantastic view and the corridors were kinda creepy. Well at least to me. It is so quiet and dark. I didn't really like it but I guess that is what you pay for. Anyway, there were very limited hotels available there  that met our budget expectations. The theme for our DnD was international. Was actually contemplating on whether I should dress as an Egyptian or an Air Stewardess but decided to just go along with my side slit maxi dress.  I had a sudden eye allergy before that on Friday but thankfully, it all cleared up on Saturday.


 Susan is the cutest SamSui woman ever. LOL.

After the dinner, waited for Joanne before we headed to Club Sonar. I don't party nor club so being there was an eyeopening experience for me. Left about 3 with Corissa cause I couldn't take it anymore and immediately went to shower and finally sleep. A while later, Julianna and Joanne came back.. Went back to the hotel in such a hot mess.

Normally I don't sleep well in hotels so I woke up the next morning about 730am and just bathed. Checkout was at 12 so camwhored till we got tired of it and checked out.

Honestly I had a lot of fun even though it was just for a while.  Good company , heart to heart talks , shit talking and crying in the cab and just purely having fun. I am really happy that I've met these girls in my life even though sometimes we don't agree with each other and argue. Till the next staycation in November. <3

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