So once in a while, I get people asking me if my boobs are fake or if I wear push ups.
Well the answer boobs are real and I wear push ups depending on what kind of dress.
Like if you wearing a bodycon dress, you want your boobs to be "up"....perky.

So here are just a few tips on how you can achieve bigger boobs without the surgery way.

1) Protein & Lots of Nutrition

I take a lot of protein. *NOT THAT PROTEIN*. lulz....but yeah I take a lot of soya milk, chicken meat. I love drinking full cream milk. I don't think the papaya milk thing works but I do find my bust increase a little when I constantly eat chicken breasts. It probably doesn't make sense at all but you can try to get MCSPICY DOUBLE AND EAT IT ON EVERY ALTERNATE DAYS AND WAIT FOR A MONTH TO SEE RESULTS !

2) Massage

You got to squeeze your boobs every half an hour. Just take 3 mins after every half an hour to just massage your boobs. Squeezing it harder if you must. By the end of the massage, you have to make sure that you really are sore by it. The best results is when you actually can feel your eyes tear up each squeeze. It is also recommended that you use a menthol lotion or whatsoever so that it can leave your boobies feeling fresh and soft.

3) Helping Hand

Sometimes using your own two hands is not enough. That's when you can turn to your mother, brother , uncle , neighbour , boyfriend , friend , teacher , rabbit , dog , frog , mouse , cat , horse , grandpa , stranger to lend you a helping hand. Different people have different kind of pressure and force therefore, it is good to be experimental and get to know who has a better grip of your boobies. Make sure that the whole palm is able to cover the boobies and massage them accordingly. It might seem awkward at first but look at the bright side, social bonding. See, then you will have more topics to talk about with whoever is helping you. A friend in need is a friend indeed. And your friend is able to give you a better judgement whether your right and left boobs are equal in size.

4) Wash your boobs in ice cold water

I know it sounds crazy but it is for better circulation of blood flow. Your breasts needs to be healthy in order for it to grow well. Healthy and blood has to circulate.


Honestly, just be happy with whatever breasts you own because you are you. And anyway, it is definitely fun being a girl because you get to wear such lingeries and even if you are an A cup or a C cup or an E, you're gonna pull these off.....

I'm probably gonna start bringing in such items for preorder over at my carousell.
my carousell is : theprettypiecesxoxo

So there you are....$25/piece. Definitely worth it and it is pretty close to what for love and lemons lingeries are like but at a fraction of the cost. :)
send in your orders to if you are interested in getting them.

They are frigging comfortable and very sexy.
It is see through but I guess you could sew on a patch around the nips area.

They are perfect if you are planning to do a striptease for your boyfriends or husbands.
Or even guys, you know you...can get these for your girls as well.
I think it is pretty kinky if a guy is able to dress or get lingeries for their girls.
I think it is cute. :)

Maybe I should have pursued designing for lingeries since it is one of my top loves. LOL.

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