The people I meet, the conversations we shared, the way they smiled and what they like.
What makes them sad , what they are thinking of and just being a listening ear to them.
The way before my favourite singers get onto stage and got everyone hyped when the lights went off because you know it is all gonna start very soon.
The way it felt when our skins meet, the way it felt when their fngers are intertwined into mine,the way you can feel your heart beating so quickly and lastly the way our eyes meet after a first kiss.
The way we felt a sense of achievement after we finally are done with school.
The way it felt to actually start on a first job.
The way it felt when we have our first argument with our special other
The way we actually screamed at each other and hurled some nasty comments to one another that would eventually make us regret and makes us feel sad.
The way your heart actually broke for a little bit when the person whom you cared for said something that made you upset.
The way it felt to just let things go and be alright again.

Probably missing a couple of people right now hence the post.
But nonetheless, goodnight <3

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