Problems/Thoughts of a girl who is having her menses


I have a love hate relationship with period. I guess every other female is as well.
So what better to write about this since I am having it now...
Hah, not pregnant phew!
But ... oh wait I forgot...I am...forever alone

  • "oh my god, it's here" O_O
  • I just want to go home
  • I am a dying cow
  • Weird cravings at really random hours of the day
  •  You can't wear white bottoms for the next 7days
  • Grandma panties for the next 7 days
  • Can't tell whether you need to poop or it is just the cramp
  • Sometimes the cramps hurt so bad that it feels like you just got stabbed by an invisible force
  • Your breasts swells up
  • Sleep can get really uncomfortable for me because I like sleeping on my sides. So when I sleep on the left side, I can totally feel gravity pulling my breasts down and it is such an awkward feeling.
  • Your tolerance level for people is really bad
  • My tolerance for long winded people is really bad. LOL. I'd just snap "I DON'T GIVE A SHIT JUST ANSWER MY QUESTION".
  • Yay I am not pregnant
  • I am horny
  • Can't masturbate
  • Horny + PMS = Cranky
  • Cramps come and go again
  • Just want to be in bed underneath a warm blanket and have a hot pad over my tumz.
  • Every single thing makes me tick
  • Ugh go away
  • Can't wait to remove my bra
  •  Omg shut up
  • What do you want?
  • Leave me alone here to die
  • It is amazing how much I am bleeding and I am still alive
  • Do other mammals go through a menstrual cycle?
  • Wonder what guys would do or rather how would sanitary pads look like if men could have menses
  • What if one day girls have sperms and the guys have eggs
  • Hungry
  • Counting down to period free days

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