then there is me.


A few days ago, someone asked me what do I do most of the time...
Well I like thinking a lot....

On some days when I feel slightly low or just feel the need to escape from the people around me, I just set my handphone to airplane mode and just disappear for a while. Sometimes it feels good to just not be interrupted by anyone and just spend some time alone to yourself. Being alone helps you clear out your thoughts and help you find yourself better. It helps you find out your true feelings and just calm yourself down. It also helps me find inspiration.

I always have my coloring book with me or an empty notepad.
I'll then look for a quiet place and just pen down my thoughts.
Sometimes you just have too many on your shoulders and you just want to let it out.
I don't really like sharing my feelings with people because I am the stubborn sort.
I don't like listening to opinions of others but I guess maybe I haven't actually found someone whom is able to relate to me or to how I feel.

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